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Grand Opening Delays?

Grand Opening Delays? We Can Help.

Shannon Sano

July 18, 2023

ms consultants’ full-service architecture and engineering team understands the financial burden and frustration caused by unnecessary delays.


According to IBIS World’s 2022 report on the fast food industry, a three-month delay costs an average of $445,000 in lost revenue. We’re here to help keep your money in your wallet!


The ms team offers the following efficient and strategic solutions to combat the most common causes of delays so you can deliver an on-time grand opening.

1. Select an Experienced Full-Service Team

Partnering with the right team is the first step toward safeguarding your brand’s growth and achieving an on-time grand opening. Having one full-service team helps to eliminate communication mishaps and fosters synchrony across disciplines.


Here are just a few time-saving benefits of partnering with ms for your commercial architecture needs:


  • Partnering with Experts. We have expertise in your specific industry. This means you can bypass the learning curve by leveraging our track record of success with major chains like White Castle, Dunkin’ Brands, Aldi, and more. These are just a few examples; Check out the ms Projects page for more.
  • Simplified Communication. We take the frustration out of the communication process by providing a single dedicated point of contact, keeping you up-to-date throughout the life of your projects.
  • Streamlined Coordination. When you select an experienced full-service architecture and engineering team, you gain project efficiency and avoid the hassle of juggling multiple contracts and dealing with disorganized coordination.


Learn more about how our full-service team can help get your stores open on time.

2. Accurately Document Existing Conditions

Obtaining an accurate account of existing building conditions eliminates the headaches of unwanted surprises, costly change orders, repeat site visits, and, ultimately, a delay in your store opening.


How does ms avoid these costly mistakes?


  • Using advanced reality capture technologies like 3D scanning, we digitize precise building dimensions and images, reducing construction issues and repeat site visits.
  • Through detailed facility condition assessments, we uncover critical insights into building health, longevity, risks, repairs, and energy efficiency opportunities.
  • With detailed documentation at our fingertips, we reduce time spent on revisions and pave the way for faster permitting and construction.


Read more about how our data-driven design workflow provides informed decision-making, leading to greater efficiency and substantial cost savings.

3. Obtain On-Time Permit Approvals

Stop letting permitting delays impact your grand opening! ms understands the complexities of navigating jurisdiction requirements and obtaining permit approvals. Our dedicated full-service architect/engineer (A/E) team can help keep your projects on track, establishing a pipeline plan for a successful multi-unit rollout.




  • Conducting thorough research to ensure your projects start with a clear understanding of what approvals are needed and how to do it efficiently.
  • Planning ahead to prioritize the big challenges first through carefully analyzing the research.
  • Monitoring progress efficiently, we’re able to keep our clients informed in real-time throughout the entire review process.


Read more about how you can experience a worry-free permitting process and an on-time grand opening.

4. Proactively Manage Your Supply Chain

Supply chain challenges are ongoing and are at the root of many store opening delays. Our experienced full-service A/E team can help you overcome these growing uncertainties in the market with three impactful steps.


  1. Establish national accounts for standardized materials and equipment.
  2. Form a powerful network of pre-qualified contractors to overcome the challenges of scarce labor and inconsistent construction methods.
  3. Create a strategic plan for scheduling that accounts for the cyclical and seasonal nature of construction and keeps you ahead of the competition.


Learn more about how you can effectively mitigate supply chain bottlenecks for streamlined operations that save you time and money.

Start Experiencing the Benefits Today

  • Cost Savings
  • Risk Reduction
  • Fewer Surprises
  • Time Efficiency
  • Informed Decisions
  • Increased Consistency
  • Precision Planning
  • Quicker Store Openings!

Here’s what one client had to say:


“I’ve been working with ms consultants throughout the past year on three of my stores. Utilizing their design and permitting expertise has resulted in significant cost savings and more efficient schedule management. They have been professional and excellent to work with and are always quick to respond. I would recommend them as a design professional to any Tim Hortons franchisee.” –Blake Tarana, Tim Hortons Franchise Owner.


Trust the ms full-service A/E team to help get your store open on time. Contact us today at