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Celebrate Earth Day By Conserving Water

In the 1960s, Americans filled their cars with leaded gasoline and inhaled pollution from inefficient engines and factories. It wasn’t until 1962, when Rachel Carson wrote “a detailed portrayal of the impacts of pollution on all organisms, that people realized the impact of heavy industrialization. This book was the first mention of DDT and the […]

Celebrating Women in Architecture + Engineering

Women throughout history have invented incredible devices and pushed many industries forward with their intellectual ideas. We want to recognize how important those women are to the architecture and engineering fields because, without them, our lives would look vastly different.


Get ready to dive headfirst into the innovation of Engineers Week 2024 from February 18 to February 24! This annual event, hosted by DiscoverE, is a celebration of how engineers make an impact on local and global communities. For students of all ages and levels, and educators too, embark on a journey of discovery to […]

Brian Jacobson Joins ms

Brian Jacobson, a certified Professional Hydrologist and Certified Floodplain Manager, joins ms as the Water Resources Operations Leader. Brian brings over 23+ years of work experience in the water resources industry to his new position. He has an extensive set of skills in the core aspects of the profession, including stormwater and water quality expertise, […]

ms consultants Among the Top Architecture Firms in the Retail Sector

As 2023 quickly comes to a close, we take a moment to recognize a remarkable achievement. For 47 consecutive years, Building Design + Construction (BD+C) has ranked the top architecture, engineering, and construction firms in the U.S. as part of its annual Giants 400 Report. This prestigious report is broken into 137 different rankings across […]

ms Mission, Vision, and Values

This year marked a huge milestone—our 60th year in business. As we reflect on our history and look towards the future, it was important that our corporate mission, vision, and values aligned with who we are and where we are headed.   All ms employees were able to take part in developing the new ms […]

ABOUT: The ms Mission, Vision, + Values


By investing in our people, we create comprehensive solutions for communities and clients.



Our vision is to shape a better tomorrow. 



We are accountable. [...]