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Unparalleled accuracy

If a picture is worth a thousand words, a 3D scanned space is an endless conversation.


Combining our advanced 3D targeting scanner with drones, modeling, and GIS technology, our 3D scanning services can save you significant time and money on your next project. Nearly impossible through conventional surveying methods, our 3D scanning creates large quantities of precise information of all visible building elements, inside and outside. Paired with our multidisciplinary expertise, you are all but guaranteed a reliable, well-intentioned, cost-effective, and seamless project.


Many existing buildings and properties lack accurate drawing information. Even if drawings are available, they often do not match current conditions in which field changes or later renovations have taken place since the original drawings were issued.


Traditional surveying methods using tape measures or laser distance meters have a fair degree of error and uncertainty. By being just a few degrees from perpendicular to the surface being measured, you could have a result that is off by several inches or even feet on a large project. Additionally, it is incredibly time consuming to physically measure every building element, so it is very common to miss crucial items.


Using billions of points of light that quickly capture everything visible within a space, our BIM process (Building Information Modeling) provides you with a workable point cloud and realistic views of your building or space. Accurate to within fractions of an inch, this point cloud seamlessly incorporates into 3D BIM software packages such as Revit.


Alternatively, multiple photo images can be stitched together using advanced photogrammetry programs to create an accurate mesh model as well.

Cost Savings Through Relevant, Detailed Data

Knowing that all existing building elements are documented as much as possible means there are fewer surprises during design and construction. This enhances precise design documentation, with more accurate bids, and fewer or no construction change orders.


The use of this as-built and BIM modeling technology can potentially eliminate expensive and time-consuming errors, resulting in projects completed on time and on budget.

Use of 3D BIM

Combined with intensified communication and visualization tools, the 3D As-Built and Modeling Service has become an integral part of how we do business. Through our 3D BIM services, you receive accurate, extremely detailed and comprehensive site investigation information of existing structures.


We provide you with a workable data point cloud, photo-realistic views, and 3D printing of scaled models. The point cloud seamlessly incorporates into BIM Modeling software packages, such as Revit or AutoCAD, and has a level of as-built accuracy that is unparalleled.


We have used 3D As-Built and Modeling technology not only on common BIM projects, such as buildings and facilities, but also on environmental and infrastructure projects.

While we integrate the 3D BIM service into various projects, it is especially suitable for:

  • Experience the building before it is built
  • Existing conditions assessments, visualization, and measurement
  • Pre-construction and post-construction as-built surveys and verification
  • Building information modeling
  • Energy analysis and simulation
  • Construction progress reporting
  • Street and intersection accessibility surveys
  • Structural analysis and maintenance

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