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Education K-12

Preparing our future leaders

Our elementary and high schools are shaping the leaders of tomorrow. To provide the best spaces for students and teachers, ms consultants provides comprehensive architecture and engineering services to schools across the nation. Our work includes new construction, occupied renovations, and major remodels.

Some of our partners include:

Some of our expertise includes:

  • Administrative buildings
  • Auditoriums and theaters
  • Central heating plants
  • Classroom buildings
  • Chilled water storage facilities
  • Funding support
  • LEED®/Sustainable design
  • Parking lots and garage facilities
  • Pedestrian connectors and corridors
  • Recreation and training facilities
  • School levy support
  • Science and laboratory facilities
  • Stadiums and arenas
  • Telecommunications facilities
  • Utility and mechanical systems

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About ms consultants. As an award-winning engineering, architecture, planning, and environmental consulting firm, we offer comprehensive and innovative solutions for public and private clients. Our offices are strategically located to best serve local and national needs with teams of experts in their respective fields.