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Improving communities, one drop at a time.

ms consultants provides complete drinking water, wastewater, and water resource engineering services, improving water in communities across the nation. Meeting the demands of today’s communities, the ms consultants engineers have developed innovative solutions to provide clean water to communities, address wastewater treatment needs, and preserve our natural waterways. With more than three decades of providing environmental design, construction management, and operational assistance services, our experts provide well informed and executable water solutions. View our water expertise below.


As a comprehensive engineering, architecture, and planning firm, ms consultants provides a cohesive and integrated approach to each and every project. With experience in a variety of markets and services, our experts provide customized solutions to each project. Whether you’re a small municipality or a large national retailer—the ms team has a solution for you.


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About ms consultants. As an award-winning engineering, architecture, planning, and environmental consulting firm, we offer comprehensive and innovative solutions for public and private clients. Our offices are strategically located to best serve local and national needs with teams of experts in their respective fields.