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From Intern to Full-Time: 2022 Blueprint Program Updates

Parker Ashley

July 19, 2023

Last summer, ms was proud to give internships and co-ops to 32 students in one of our largest Blueprint Programs to date. During the summer, interns and co-ops were exposed to their respective fields, where they gained hands-on experience by honing in on developing their skills and working on projects. The work of these interns and co-ops has helped propel the company forward.


With 2022 being one of our biggest Blueprint Programs, ms also had the opportunity to bring many of these interns on as full-time employees in various office locations. We were able to welcome 11 interns and co-ops to our full-time team! These recent hires have hit the ground running thanks to their time in the Blueprint Program. Taking on more responsibilities, working on more projects, and growing professionally are just a few things that these intern-turned-full-time employees are doing.

From Our Newest Blueprint Intern Graduates

We recently reached out to the 11 employees that converted from interns to full-time positions to find out more about their experiences and insights. Here is what they had to say:

What made you decide to pursue a full-time position at ms after interning?

Clayton Honaker, Engineer I HighwayI decided to pursue ms full-time for two main reasons. One was that I truly enjoyed the work I did as an intern and knew that as a full-time employee, I would be doing the same thing. The second is my coworkers. They were always willing to help each other grow and achieve a common goal and made me feel as though I was part of a family unit rather than just sharing a cubical wall.


Cassidy Beharry, Engineer I TrafficI already returned to ms to intern for a second summer because I liked who I was working with, and it was my first internship where I wasn’t the only women engineer at the company or in the group. This made it really easy for me to return as a full-time employee.


Corey Hutson, Engineer I MEPI enjoyed my time interning and felt like I had only scratched the surface of all the things I could learn here.

What are a few things that you learned in your internship that prepared you for success in your full-time position?

Christopher Rubino, Engineer I StructuresAlthough my workload is different now from the work I had as an intern, I would say that my internship helped me grasp the understanding of the computer programs used here. My internship also helped me in learning how to read plan sheets and how to be able to communicate with other co-workers.


Nicholas Banko, Engineer I HighwayI would say learning how to use all of the software (CAD) and being able to see the design process in a more nurturing environment for learning.

What are a few things that you are looking forward to about being a full-time employee at ms?

Isabella Audia, Engineer I TrafficNow that I am a full-time employee, I am excited to have more responsibility and to get put on more projects! My internship was a great step into the professional engineering field, but now that I’m full-time, I am ready to take on more and push myself further to learn and grow. I also really look forward to getting involved more! As an intern and while working part-time during the school year, I didn’t have a ton of time to get involved outside of the office. Now that I’m full-time, it is important to me that I get involved with groups like the Young Professionals Group or the Women’s Group so that I can build new relationships (and hopefully friendships) with my co-workers!


Parker Ashley, Marketing CoordinatorOne thing that I am looking forward to is working on projects that support the technical departments more. I have really enjoyed working on marketing materials that are being used to help grow and progress ms. I also am looking forward to growing professionally by being involved in the Young Professionals Group here at ms.


Allison Dillmann, Architect II am looking forward to being back with the coworkers I got to know during my internship and taking on more responsibilities in my full-time position. I am also looking forward to the opportunities ms has to offer, such as the Young Professionals Group!


Skylar Stultz, Engineer I HighwayI am looking forward to earning my Fundamentals of Engineering (FE) and Professional Engineering (PE) licenses along with advancing my career while at ms. Also, for the company party that is coming up in September!

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