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City’s DORA approved by the licensing administration

ms consultants, inc.

March 4, 2022

The City of Coshocton’s Designated Outdoor Refreshment Area (DORA) was approved by the licensing administration under the Ohio Department of Commerce. Qualified liquor permit holders within the Coshocton DORA have received appropriate permits electronically. Any license holder who has not received their permit and are within the boundaries of the DORA are encouraged to call the Our Town Coshocton (OTC) office at 740-610-8445 or email the director at


“The implementation of DORA will offer more opportunities for entertainment and outdoor dining in both the Downtown Historic District and in Historic Roscoe Village. It will also serve to further connect one economic corridor on both sides of the bridge, ultimately increasing foot traffic and expanding options for visiting tourists”, said Mayor Mark Mills.


The Coshocton Visitors Bureau (CVB) and OTC are preparing welcome to DORA packets with necessary instructions for all license holders, while the City of Coshocton administration is adding appropriate signage to the DORA boundaries. CVB, OTC and the administration are setting Monday, March 14, 10 a.m. at city hall as an introduction to DORA meeting for all qualified license holders. Those unable to attend will be reached out to by CVB and OTC.


“This will be a uniform process so all stakeholders in the DORA, who wish to participate, are aware of their responsibilities and how this will operate. Furthermore, How-to-DORA information will soon be made available to the public through the city, CVB, and OTC websites indicating boundaries and pertinent information regarding DORA. A lot of work and planning went into getting this done, and our DORA will be a new tool to fuel the momentum downtown and in Roscoe,” said OTC Director Lanny Spaulding.


Mayor Mills, members of city council, Our Town Coshocton, and the Coshocton Visitors Bureau worked with Shannon Fergus from ms consultants, inc. to carefully plan and adapt best practices for Coshocton’s DORA. Ms consultants, inc. successfully explained and navigated the approval process with the state.


Originally published by Coshocton Beacon Today.