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Workplace Wellness Design Integration

COVID-19 Solutions: Workplace Wellness Design Integration

Krystal Paisley

June 17, 2020

During the COVID-19 pandemic, industries of all shapes and sizes have been exposed to unprecedented health and safety events that will leave a lasting impression on how we work.


Our traditional spaces and the way we work together have changed, and we must all adapt accordingly.


How do we move forward? Understanding that each business is unique in its own right, we've developed a design playbook to define the needs of your changing operations that translate directly into wellness design integration in your physical work environment.


These workplace design solutions adhere to health and safety guidelines while also improving overall peace of mind. 


Workplace wellness integration solutions include:


  • Enhancing occupancy
  • Workstation configurations
  • Collaboration integration
  • Office area layouts
  • HVAC system solutions


This playbook serves as a guide to bolster your wellness plan management, and consider alternative design solutions, to conduct current and future operations in the most effective way possible.


Click here to download the free Workplace Wellness Design Integration playbook.