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ms Q+A: Ron Zinn

Abbie Linek | June 2024

Ron Zinn is a Senior Project Architect at ms ‘ Columbus office. After spending the majority of his childhood in Taiwan, Ron returned to the United States for college and to pursue a career in architecture. Keep reading to learn more about Ron! 

earth day

Celebrate Earth Day By Conserving Water

Abbey Elizondo | April 2024

Water conservation is an increasingly popular design element in the initial stages of designing new buildings and structures. Keep reading to learn more about how ms is utilizing this design element!


Celebrating Women in Architecture + Engineering

Abbey Elizondo | March 2024

Our lives and the architecture and engineering industry would look vastly different without the contributions of women throughout history. Keep reading to learn more about the various women who helped shape our world! 



Abbey Elizondo | February 2024

This year, Engineers Week is from February 18 to 24. This event, hosted by DiscoverE, celebrates how engineers impact local and global communities. Keep reading to learn more about this exciting week! 


Brian Jacobson Joins ms

Abbie Linek | December 2023

Brian Jacobson, a certified Professional Hydrologist and Certified Floodplain Manager, joins ms as the Water Resources Operations Leader. Brian brings over 23+ years of work experience in the water resources industry to his new position. Keep reading to learn more about Brian!

Dunkin Interior point of sale transaction

ms consultants Among the Top Architecture Firms in the Retail Sector

Shannon Sano | December 2023

This year, ms consultants secured the 20th position in BD+C’s prestigious 2023 Top 140 Retail Sector Architecture and Architecture Engineering (AE) Firms list.


ms Mission, Vision, and Values

ms consultants, inc. | November 2023

We are proud to announce and embody our new mission, vision, and values as we near the end of our 60th year in business.


ms Celebrates 60 Years with a Night at the Shoe

Parker Ashley | October 2023

2023 officially marks ms’ 60th year in business! To celebrate this incredible milestone, ms held a companywide party, and the ms Employee Resource Groups (ERG), including the Young Professionals Group and the Women’s Group, held their own social events.


ms Legacies: Intern to Full-Time

Rebekah White | September 2023

As ms approaches 60 years of doing business, we want to highlight some of the current full-time employees that were once ms interns. Read more to learn how these individuals got their starts at the company!


Keith Knuppel Joins ms

Abbie Linek | September 2023

Keith Knuppel joins ms consultants as the Senior Vice President of the Construction Business Unit. He brings over 17+ years of work experience in the AEC industry to his new position. Keep reading to learn more about Keith!