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ms Q+A: Jessica Leiter

Maggie Kearns | August 2019

When Jessica is not in the office managing grocery and restaurant client projects she can be found chasing her two young sons! We caught up with Jessica and asked her to share more about her interests and how she spends her time outside the office.


Municipal Engineering: Utilizing Multidiscipline Expertise to Overcome Challenges

Maggie Kearns | August 2019

Municipalities face many unique challenges every day. These challenges arise via citizen output, changing and expanding regulatory requirements, regular growth and development, and through infrastructure systems in need of improvement.


Beautiful Cities are Successful Cities

Brent Thomas | July 2019

A number of factors affect a city’s economic growth… How important is a city’s beauty in that regard? Two urban economists, Gerald A. Carlino and Albert Saiz, are here to say that it’s hugely important. In their most recent study, these researchers came to the conclusion that the more beautiful a city is, the better it is at bringing in new jobs and residents, which often includes highly educated and affluent people.


The Age of Certification: Green Building Design, Digital Infrastructure, and More

Brent Thomas | July 2019

In today’s day and age, it seems as if sustainably designed buildings are expected, certification or not. For years, developers and landlords have been seeking green certification to achieve a level of sustainability that will make their buildings more efficient and cheaper to maintain. As an added benefit, green certification often allows building owners to ask for higher rents and achieve higher occupancy rates at the same time.


ms Q+A: Vinisha Huwer

Maggie Kearns | July 2019

Need a good dose of sarcasm or to discuss the final season of Game of Thrones? Human Resources Manager Vinisha Huwer is your girl! We asked Vinisha to tell us more about her interest and how she spends her time outside the office.


Pathways to Leadership: An ACEC Program

Brent Thomas | June 2019

The American Council of Engineering Companies (ACEC) represents thousands of companies throughout the nation, acting as a voice for the engineering industry. As a part of their business education efforts, ACEC provides a “Pathways to Executive Leadership” focusing on professional development intended for mid-career engineers who are close to transitioning into a position of firm leadership and are prepared to think strategically about their careers.


Adopt-A-Trail Akron

Maggie Kearns | June 2019

The City of Akron and Ohio & Erie Canalway Coalition teamed up with local Akron corporations, non-profits, and individuals to develop an Adopt-A-Trail program for the 3-mile portion of the Towpath Trail running through Akron.


ms Q+A: Justin Kuczynski

Maggie Kearns | June 2019

In between chasing his two young sons, listening to podcasts, and working on numerous highway engineering projects, we caught up with Justin and asked him to share more about how he spends his time outside the office.  


Complete Streets: Keeping Pedestrians + Cyclists in Mind

Maggie Kearns | June 2019

Concerns about environmental impacts of traditional modes of transportation have led to an uptick in the number of walking and biking commuters over the last decade. How will we keep walkers and bikers safe?


ms Q+A: Annissa Neider

Maggie Kearns | May 2019

An architect, connoisseur of Christmas music, Grey’s Anatomy fan, and an expert on Youngstown cuisine, we asked Annissa to share more details about her interests and how she spends her time outside the office!