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National Architecture Week 2019: A Conversation with Young Architects

Maggie Kearns | April 2019

In honor of National Architecture Week, we are highlighting a few conversations we have had with young architects at ms. These architects offered their insights on transitioning from student to consultant work, developing a design style, their favorite projects, and more!


ms Q+A: Eric Elizondo

Maggie Kearns | April 2019

With an eye for design and a love of the arts Eric brings a unique flare to each and every project, whether that’s his dream home addition or a master planning project. We asked Eric to tell us a bit more about his life on and off the clock.


Engineers Without Borders: Sal Monteverde's Experience in Ecuador

Maggie Kearns | March 2019

Engineers Without Borders (EWB) leverages the expertise of volunteers from across engineering disciplines and industries to respond to requests for engineering project support from governments, United Nations agencies, local communities, and more.


Ohio Special Improvement Districts: Collaborating for Better Communities

Brent Thomas | March 2019

Many communities, neighborhoods, and business districts lack the public improvement services that they want and need. When looking to further grow and develop such areas, Special Improvement Districts (SIDs) should be investigated.


ms Q+A: Kim Woolard

Maggie Kearns | March 2019

Looking for a fun (& food!) filled day in downtown Raleigh? Kim is the person you need to chat with. From restaurant recommendations to the best hiking trails you can bet Kim will have a great suggestion for you! We asked Kim to share more about her interests and how she spends her time outside the office!


Public Outreach: What is it and Why it Matters

Krystal Paisley | March 2019

Public outreach is a relatively broad term. Public outreach can be performed by a community, an organization, a company, or others to connect, inform, and get feedback from the local community and/or customers. Think of it as a more in-depth and well-informed marketing campaign to a targeted audience.


Ohio Grants + Funding

Brent Thomas | February 2019

Considering beginning an improvement project but don’t have the necessary funding to do so? No problem! ms consultants is here to help make your project come to life with the help of our in-house finance and grant specialists.


Crumbling Roads Call For A Change Of Policy

Brent Thomas | February 2019

The transportation system has a direct effect on the state’s economy as well as the quality of our lives. With that said, extreme growth in both population and economic development are causing our roads and bridges to experience increased demands. With increased demands, congestion is worsening, causing our roads to deteriorate. Change is necessary, but what will that change look like?


Celebrating Engineers Week: Girl Day

Maggie Kearns | February 2019

Each year DiscoverE dedicates an entire week to celebrate and spread awareness about engineering: how engineers make a difference around the world, increase the awareness of the need for engineers, and bringing engineering to life for kids, teachers, and parents. One day of Engineers Week each year is dedicated as Girl Day. This day focuses on inspiring future generation of girls to learn they have an important place in the engineering field! Inspired by Girls Day, we’re highlighting the amazing team of women engineers at our firm.


ms Q+A: Cristie Sabatucci

Maggie Kearns | February 2019

A lover of the beach and staying active outdoors, Cristi’s recent move to coastal North Carolina couldn’t suit her any better. We asked Cristie to share more about her interests and new beach life outside the office.