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ms Pittsburgh: Home of the Yinzers

Maggie Kearns | May 2020

Far from the rolling plains of ms’ native Ohio, ms Pittsburgh first opened its doors in 1985. The Pennsylvania rivers, hills, and valleys converge to create a very scenic and topographically challenging region. Over the last 35 years, our professionals have become experts on managing and navigating projects through the unique challenges of this terrain.


ms Q+A: Jeff Jilek

Maggie Kearns | May 2020

A Project Architect in our Columbus office, Jeff shared more about his interests and life outside the office with us. 


Scanning Technology: Changing the Game

Maggie Kearns | May 2020

The benefits of scanning technology go far beyond just physical spaces. Scanning enables fast, accurate measurement of objects, buildings, and everything in-between. Advanced laser technology enables our experts to provide more accurate site investigation on larger and more complex spaces than ever before.


COVID-19 Solutions: Continuity of Operations Plan (COOP)

Krystal Paisley | April 2020

Municipal government, water, wastewater, and utility services are critical for public health, especially in times of crisis and disaster. The COVID-19 pandemic has shed light on the difficulties municipalities face while maintaining operations during this global disruption.


The American Institute of Certified Planners Exam

Brent Thomas | March 2020

The American Institute of Certified Planners (AICP) is the American Planning Association’s (APA) professional institute that provides the only nationwide, independent verification of planners’ qualifications.


ms Q+A: Sean Riffle

Maggie Kearns | February 2020

A highway and drainage design specialist, travel lover, husband, dad, and proud Akronite, we asked Sean to share more about his interests and how he spends his time outside the office.  


Engineers Week 2020: Pioneers of Progress

Maggie Kearns | February 2020

Each year, beginning in 1951, Engineers Week is celebrated. This week is dedicated to celebrating and spreading engineering. Everything from increasing awareness about the need for more engineers, to bringing engineering to life for kids, teachers, and parents alike.


ms Gives Back: Children's Hunger Alliance

Maggie Kearns | February 2020

This year, ms launched its “ms Gives Back” campaign. This campaign coincided with the holidays and ended with a winter celebration. ms partnered with the Children’s Hunger Alliance (CHA), a statewide (Ohio) nonprofit organization dedicated to ending childhood hunger.


Historic Renovation: Preserving a Piece of History in Your Community

Maggie Kearns | January 2020

Due to shifts in trends and interests of the current day, character-rich, historic structures in communities across the nation have renewed interest and investment behind them. Whether it’s restoring these structures to their former glory or transforming them into something else entirely, historic renovations take extra time, effort, and coordination.


ms Q+A: John Patton

Maggie Kearns | January 2020

Need direction on anything from geometrics to color pencil drawings and everything in between? Find Highway Engineer John Patton! We asked John to tell us more about some of his interest and how he spends his time outside the office.