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ms Q+A: Mary Kate Diehl

Maggie Kearns | March 2018

In search of a City of Columbus bike trail tour? Mary Kate has you covered. She can even weigh in on where you should head after your adventure for the best food! We asked Mary Kate to tell us more about her life outside of ms.


Discover Engineers Week 2018: Inspiring Wonder

Maggie Kearns | February 2018

Each year DiscoverE dedicates an entire week to celebrate and spread awareness about engineering; how engineers make a difference around the world, increase the awareness of the need for engineers, and bringing engineering to life for kids, teachers, and parents.


ms Q+A: Jonathan Hren

Maggie Kearns | January 2018

Ever wonder how long it would take to travel around the world? Ask Jonathan! After graduating with his undergraduate degree he spent time circumnavigating the globe! We asked Jonathan to tell us a little more about his life.


Charging Stations, Smart Meters, and Microgrids...Oh My!

Maggie Kearns | January 2018

In a world where there is a new technology or sustainability breakthrough each day, we have rounded up three popular trends to break down.


Build Your Gingerbread House Like an Architect

Maggie Kearns | December 2017

Our architects don’t often get to apply their skill sets to designing houses made of cookies, candy, and icing, so we’ve taken is upon ourselves to find the best tips and tricks, so our architects can show off their design skills all season long!


ms Q+A: Justin Kerns

Maggie Kearns | December 2017

Want to enjoy a sunny afternoon on a patio and a long conversation about environmental and water resources? Justin is the guy you need to find! We asked Justin to tell us a bit more about his life on and off the clock.


Green Infrastructure + Winter: The Rest of the Story

Kari Mackenbach, CFM, BCES, ENV SP | December 2017

Concerned about green infrastructure applications in the winter? You’re not the only one.


Winter can take its toll on everyone and everything. With proper planning and selection, your green infrastructure applications can withstand the harshest winters and provide years of water quality and quantity benefits. 


ms consultants Thanksgiving Hours

Krystal Paisley | November 2017

While all ms consultants locations are closed for Thanksgiving, we still want to be part of your holiday by offering some handy resources.


Hospitality Goes Green: Hotels Focusing on Sustainability

Krystal Paisley | November 2017

Sustainability. It’s a hot topic in almost every industry today. Grocers are looking for more energy efficiency, retailers are being transparent about what they’re doing to help the environment, and local governments are looking towards green infrastructure solutions. It makes sense that everyone’s home away from home, hotels, are also focusing on sustainability.


ms Q+A: Torrey Burkes

Maggie Kearns | October 2017

Torrey is the guy you need to find when you’d like to kick back and enjoy the great outdoors. Whether you want to hunt, fish, kayak, hike, or camp, Torrey is sure to know the best spots. We asked Torrey to tell us a bit more about his life.