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Adopt-A-Trail Akron

Maggie Kearns | June 2019

The City of Akron and Ohio & Erie Canalway Coalition teamed up with local Akron corporations, non-profits, and individuals to develop an Adopt-A-Trail program for the 3-mile portion of the Towpath Trail running through Akron.


ms Q+A: Justin Kuczynski

Maggie Kearns | June 2019

In between chasing his two young sons, listening to podcasts, and working on numerous highway engineering projects, we caught up with Justin and asked him to share more about how he spends his time outside the office.  


Complete Streets: Keeping Pedestrians + Cyclists in Mind

Maggie Kearns | June 2019

Concerns about environmental impacts of traditional modes of transportation have led to an uptick in the number of walking and biking commuters over the last decade. How will we keep walkers and bikers safe?


ms Q+A: Annissa Neider

Maggie Kearns | May 2019

An architect, connoisseur of Christmas music, Grey’s Anatomy fan, and an expert on Youngstown cuisine, we asked Annissa to share more details about her interests and how she spends her time outside the office!


Infrastructure Week 2019: #BuildForTomorrow

Maggie Kearns | May 2019

No matter where you live, your political leanings, your age, or your education infrastructure has a profound impact on your daily life. We all need roads to travel on, lights to come on and water to come out of the tap.


What Should We Expect in Grocery Stores of the (Near) Future?

Maggie Kearns | May 2019

Every wonder where the apples you picked up at your local grocer were grown? Which chemical treatments they received? How many days ago they were picked? In grocery stores of the future the answer to all of these questions are easily answered by screens displayed above the food. Simply lift your item to the screen to learn everything from the amount of CO2 it emitted during growth to its detailed nutrition facts.


National Architecture Week 2019: A Conversation with Young Architects

Maggie Kearns | April 2019

In honor of National Architecture Week, we are highlighting a few conversations we have had with young architects at ms. These architects offered their insights on transitioning from student to consultant work, developing a design style, their favorite projects, and more!


ms Q+A: Eric Elizondo

Maggie Kearns | April 2019

With an eye for design and a love of the arts Eric brings a unique flare to each and every project, whether that’s his dream home addition or a master planning project. We asked Eric to tell us a bit more about his life on and off the clock.


Engineers Without Borders: Sal Monteverde's Experience in Ecuador

Maggie Kearns | March 2019

Engineers Without Borders (EWB) leverages the expertise of volunteers from across engineering disciplines and industries to respond to requests for engineering project support from governments, United Nations agencies, local communities, and more.


Ohio Special Improvement Districts: Collaborating for Better Communities

Brent Thomas | March 2019

Many communities, neighborhoods, and business districts lack the public improvement services that they want and need. When looking to further grow and develop such areas, Special Improvement Districts (SIDs) should be investigated.