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ms Q+A: Nathan DeLisle

Maggie Kearns | October 2020

A Project Manager + Technical Services Manager in our Indianapolis office, Nathan DeLisle shared more about his interests and life outside the office with us.


Stormwater Awareness Week 2020

Ellie Dundics | October 2020

It makes up 75% of the human brain, makes life possible on Earth, and hydrates the human race – it is easy to make an argument that water is our most valuable resource! For this reason, Stormwater Awareness Weeks are promoted across the country to encourage communities to raise awareness about stormwater.


ms Q+A: Tami Thompson

Maggie Kearns | September 2020

A Permitting Specialist in our Columbus office, Tami Thompson shared more about her interests and life outside the office with us.


United We Are Strong Summer Step Challenge

Maggie Kearns | September 2020

During this year’s United We Are Strong Step Challenge, participants stepped 32,633,685 steps to exceed their goal of 32,000,000 steps. Not only did the nearly 100 challenge participants stay active, but these steps also earned them a $10,000 donation to regional and national charities.


The Future for Roadways

Ellie Dundics | August 2020

One of the biggest frustrations as a driver is swerving in and out of the roads to avoid potholes during the winter months. Then, once the snow is gone, construction to fix those potholes leads to a never ending hassle as a driver. Scientists and engineers are finding new solutions to prevent this cycle from reoccurring every year with things like self-healing roadways, recycled plastic, solar roadways, and the return of gravel.


ms Q+A: David Galloway

Maggie Kearns | August 2020

An Environmental Scientist in our Pittsburgh office, David shared more about his interests and life outside the office with us.


Resilient Communities: All About BRIC

Krystal Paisley | August 2020

The Building Resilient Infrastructure and Communities grant program, also known as BRIC, aims to reduce risks of natural hazards and disasters. Operated by FEMA, the BRIC grant program provides funding for various pre-disaster mitigation projects across the U.S.

Back to school STEM activities

Prevent Summer Learning Loss with Back to School STEAM Activities

Ellie Dundics | August 2020

STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, Math) topics are considered equally important to integrate in a child’s early development as teaching literacy skills. STEAM education enhances children’s language development, critical thinking, problem solving, creativity, and collaborative abilities.


Municipal Separate Storm Sewer Systems (MS4s) + Stormwater Management

Krystal Paisley | July 2020

Water is one of our most precious resources. That is one of the many reasons we must all do our part in protecting our ponds, rivers, streams, lakes, and oceans. One issue our water sources face is pollution. And, one of these sources of pollution is stormwater runoff.


ms Q+A: Chuck Nash

Maggie Kearns | July 2020

Our Practice Area Leader, PA Transportation working in our Pittsburgh office, Chuck Nash, shared more about his interests and life outside the office with us.