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2022 Summer Co-Op and Intern Class Recap

ms consultants thanks all of our Blueprint Co-Ops and Interns for another amazing summer. Over the past few months our 32 interns and co-ops worked alongside full-time employees, in their respectable fields, and gained experiences that prepare them for the future. The interns and co-ops have a lot to be proud of as, their work […]

Celebration marks $6M courthouse restoration

YOUNGSTOWN — Mahoning County Commissioner Carol Rimedio-Righetti told an audience of about 60 people Tuesday the $6 million restoration of the Mahoning County Courthouse “put it back to where it should be, in its original state and its original materials, and that’s what took so long.”   Righetti, with David Ditzler and Anthony Traficanti, were […]

Adaptive Reuse: Bringing Life to Dead Spaces

As greenfields become less available and more expensive, clients and developers are looking for alternate options for their new spaces. And, as of lately, adaptive reuse has been the answer. Adaptive reuse is ever growing in popularity, especially in urban areas where opportunities to construct new buildings are scarce.   In this post, we will […]

A Day in the Life of an Architecture Firm

Architect. Architecture. Architecture firm. These are all terms that may come up in conversation, for any industry where brick and mortar is still relevant. However, architecture firms can be vastly different regarding services offered and design specialization. Keep reading to see what architecture firms do, a preview of some architecture firm clients, and how to […]

Youngstown to pay $1.4 million for transport of sludge to landfill

YOUNGSTOWN — With plans to rehabilitate Youngstown’s two incinerators to burn sludge very much up in the air, city officials agreed to sign a two-year contract for a landfill to continue taking the waste at a higher cost.   It will now cost $1.4 million annually for the Carbon Limestone Landfill in Lowellville to take […]

Montreat comprehensive plan committee talks land use, MRA lodge, traffic

MONTREAT – The Montreat Comprehensive Plan Steering Committee continued discussion July 28, two days after holding multiple community engagement sessions.   “We were able to debate some controversial and difficult topics in a healthy way,” said Katie Sieb, project coordinator for MS Consultants, an outside firm helping the town update the comprehensive plan. “There were good […]

Safe Streets and Roads for All

Investing in traffic has recently been a high priority on the U.S. Department of Transportation’s (USDOT’s) agenda. Focusing on traffic safety directly improves communities with reductions in fatalities and injuries, both for drivers and pedestrians.   The crisis of increased fatalities in 2021 compared to 2020 was addressed with urgency, leading to the launch of […]

Danella Pettenski joins ms Water Group

Danella Pettenski, PE, joins ms as the Director of Operations for Water and Wastewater. Danella brings 30+ years of experience in water and wastewater services to the ms Water team. Coming to ms from the public sector, Danella offers new insight into the proposal and project processes.   Welcome to the team, Danella!     […]