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Charging Ahead: The Future of Electric Vehicles

Charging Ahead: The Future of Electric Vehicles

Rebekah White

July 31, 2023

The electric vehicle market is growing at a remarkable pace, and many resources are dedicated to educating governments, organizations, and consumers about the EV Evolution. Kickstarted by the first electric vehicles, the Nissan Leaf and Chevy Volt, the rising demand for EV charging can benefit communities and businesses that choose to participate. Futurists believe that the EV Evolution will have a dramatic effect on the economy and our way of life, much like the invention of motorized vehicles over a century ago.


Global leaders who are concerned about climate change pledge to reduce carbon emissions in their countries and see the adoption of electric vehicles as a key component in their plan.


The cost of purchasing a BEV over an ICE vehicle in the same class has deterred drivers from purchasing a BEV in the past, but 2022 studies indicated that cost parity has been achieved between ICE and BEV vehicles in the luxury and midsize vehicle classes.


As the market for this new industry continues to expand, incentives in federal programs will speed up EV adoption. Are you ready for it?


Joyce Parton, SVP of Energy, provides important information and guidance on this ever-changing industry, including key considerations as we prepare for the EV industry as a whole. Charging Ahead: The Future of Electric Vehicles takes a look at the outlook of the EV market and more, discussing the growing demand, addressing common hesitations, and presenting undeniable benefits associated with the emerging EV industry.


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