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Young Professionals of Today, Leaders of Tomorrow

Young Professionals of Today, Leaders of Tomorrow

Parker Ashley

January 13, 2023

ms, takes pride in the ms Young Professionals Group (YPG), a component of our Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion initiatives. The Young Professionals Group is a group of young professionals that will make significant impacts on the organization and that will collaborate throughout their careers.


The Young Professionals Group was created to develop young professionals at ms by providing education programs, career development workshops, and social events. The group is open to all young professionals but most members have less than ten years of industry experience.


We reached out to a few of our ms Young Professionals Group leaders to learn more about the group!


What’s your favorite part of the YPG?


Monica Backs, Vice Chair: My favorite part of the Young Professionals Group is getting to know the other emerging professionals at ms! We have such a great makeup of motivated young people in the group, which makes networking fun. The Young Professionals Group also gives me the opportunity to be exposed to new ideas and perspectives.


Lexi Gearhart, Treasurer: I love being able to meet other professionals who are in a similar stage in their careers! I have built friendships and connections with people through the ms Young Professionals Group that, otherwise, I likely would not have formed.


Bano Mahilaj, Chair: The idea that we are able to facilitate social events and learning opportunities, is what excites me about being a part of the Young Professionals Group.


What do you look forward to for the YPG in 2023?


Monica Backs, Vice Chair: I am really looking forward to getting more involved in our respective communities. The Young Professionals Group is ramping up our community outreach and engagement, and I can’t wait to volunteer with my peers. The Young Professionals Group has the potential to make an impact, and I’m excited to see community engagement become a priority.


Lexi Gearhart, Treasurer: I am looking forward to having more events for the ms young professionals! The Young Professional Group has been discussing some ideas for not only social events but also informational meetings with guest speakers and volunteer opportunities.


Bano Mahilaj, Chair: We first began to discuss the Young Professionals Group in 2021 and had a fantastic event in October of 2022. This next year will be very important to us as we have a full team established. As of right now, we have 12 informational meetings (workshops), 2 possible volunteering events, and at least 6 social events scheduled. We are very excited to begin this year and hope to lay the foundation for the future leaders of this group.


Are you a young professional looking to join a diverse and inclusive team? Look no further than a career with the ms team. Check out our open positions on our Careers Page!