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Summer Step Challenge

United We Are Strong Summer Step Challenge

Maggie Kearns Francis

September 15, 2020

During this year’s United We Are Strong Step Challenge, participants stepped 32,633,685 steps to exceed their goal of 32,000,000 steps. Not only did the nearly 100 challenge participants stay active, but these steps also earned them a $10,000 donation to regional and national charities.


Great work to all participants and keep up the healthy habits!


Once again this year, participants stepped for their health and for the chance to earn a $10,000 donation. For this year’s challenge, participants voted on various charities, including one national and six regional charities.


The charities receiving this year’s donation include:

  • Oxfam (National): A global organization focused on ending the injustice of poverty. Oxfam is working towards this goal by helping people build better futures for themselves, holding the powerful accountable, and saving lives in disasters.
  • COSI (Columbus, Ohio): Is a nationally esteemed Central Ohio STEM center delivering experiential, hands-on learning opportunities for all ages, backgrounds, and abilities. Additionally, their outreach programs reach over 300,000 students across Ohio and neighboring states annually.
  • AST2/AMI (Youngstown, Ohio): Creates innovative STEM education programs with rapid prototyping laboratories, semester-long education programs, short courses, and teacher training and CEUs.
  • ACE Mentor Program (Akron/Cleveland, Ohio): Introduces students to the career opportunities available in the architecture, engineering, and construction industry. Students involved in ACE work directly with professionals to design hypothetical projects, tour construction sites, and visit architectural, engineering, and construction offices.
  • Purdue Bound (Indianapolis, Indiana): Is a program partnering Purdue University, local corporations, and the Indianapolis Public School system to better prepare high school students for STEM careers through a comprehensive program with grade point standards, SAT preparation, and rigorous coursework to equip students for college level coursework.
  • Her Spark (Raleigh, North Carolina): Equips girls with STEM skills and opportunities to succeed in their future careers. Her Spark is dedicated to solving gender disparity in computer science, engineering, and technology careers.
  • ASSET STEM Education (Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania): Is advancing teaching and learning to engage, inspire, and empower all learners. They believe learners engaging in STEM-based innovative teaching and learning result in the pursuit of new opportunities for the future.


On Thursday, September 10th we held a virtual awards ceremony and presentation for all the challenge participants. During the ceremony we went through the highlights of the step challenge and watched a video from each of the donation recipients discussing their work and how ms is helping them further their mission.


We also announced the winners of the top stepper prizes in each of our categories. The top five steppers were announced for each category – 5,000 steps/day, 7,500 steps/day, and 10,000 steps/day.


Congratulations to our top steppers and all our challenge participants for meeting and exceeding this summer’s step challenge goal!


Ready to join the fun? Visit our careers page.