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Geographic Information Systems (GIS)

Understanding the world around us

Geographic Information Systems (GIS) are an ideal tool for storing, analyzing, and presenting geographic data. These systems are also an invaluable asset in understanding our spatial surroundings.

What is GIS?

A Geographic Information System (GIS) is a collection of data with spatial and tabular attributes. The true strength of a GIS is its ability to collect a wide variety of information. 


The ms consultants GIS team can assist with the integration of GIS in a number of ways. Utilizing ESRI’s ArcGIS, the industry standard, the ms consultants team can compile various datasets to evaluate the geographic and infrastructure problems your organization might be facing. GIS provides factual decision support on any project size or scope. In addition, if the data needed to support these decisions is not available, the ms team is also equipped with mapping and survey-grade Trimble GPS units to collect data in the field.

Why GIS?

Helping us understand the world around us, GIS compiles existing, derived and field-collected data from a multitude of sources into one shell. GIS offers an opportunity to use and analyze this data to make informed decisions. These informed decisions can help keep your projects on track, within budget and create systems that work more efficiently.


ms consultants’ staff can apply GIS best practices to virtually any project that requires the evaluation, analysis, and presentation of geographical data. From simple asset management databases to complex spatial web applications, ms consultants’ can help build your next GIS.

GIS Services

  • GIS Data Collection
  • GIS Data Creation + Attribution
  • GIS Project Scoping + Setup
  • Enterprise GIS Management
  • Spatial Analysis + Modeling
  • Environmental Studies
  • Environmental Mitigation + Permitting
  • Traffic Studies
  • Comprehensive Plans
  • Land-Use + Zoning Plans


Unmanned aircraft systems (UAS), more commonly known as drones, offer an unparalleled view for your project. The UAS allows us to view areas that otherwise would not be accessible to survey. By viewing the area from overhead versus on land, we eliminate the need for field personnel and are able to inspect conditions efficiently and safely.


ms has multiple FAA-licensed remote pilots on-staff. These pilots understand the federal regulations, airspace restrictions, and procedures that are necessary for safe and legal UAS practices.


Whether it’s assessing the existing environment or offering a fly-through of an existing structure, the ms UAS team allows us to bring a new perspective to your project. Click here to find out more.

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