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City of Struthers Zoning Map


A growing community in Northeast Ohio needed a solution to resolve zoning issues.

Services Involved

  • Zoning
  • Geographical Information Systems (GIS)

City of Struthers Zoning Map

ms consultants produced a city-wide zoning map for use by city officials and residents of Struthers, a small community located in Mahoning County in northeast Ohio. This map clearly defined zoning areas and helped resolve questions regarding zoning issues.


To create a basemap, ms collected Mahoning County tax map panels provided in AutoCAD format, electronically “stitched” them together and converted them to an ArcGIS Shapefile. This parcel shapefile served as the underlying fabric of the zoning map. In addition to the parcels, street information and other labels were added as necessary for visual reference.


To create the zoning layer, existing zoning maps were digitized into an ArcGIS Shapefile utilizing the basemap as reference. Attributes were then added to the shapefile database to define zoning classifications for each shape. The attribute definitions enabled the map to be color coded for easy zoning area identification.


The completed map was reproduced and distributed via hard copy or electronically as necessary.

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