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ms Q+A: Tyson Graves

Maggie Kearns Francis

May 17, 2021

Tyson in 100 Words or Less

I have been at ms for more than seven years. My main area of focus is traffic engineering, and I lead the efforts for this discipline in our Raleigh office. I am a proud NC State graduate (go Wolfpack!) and have lived most of my life in North Carolina. I am married with one child. I enjoy hiking, biking, traveling, and spending time with my family.

The Speed Round

What was your first job?

Landscaping and nursery work for my dad’s business.


What is one item on your bucket list?

Visit Crater Lake National Park in Oregon


Best concert you’ve been to?



Read a good book or watch a good movie?

Reading any kind of suspense novel


What household chore do you hate the most?



Sweet or salty?



If you had an extra hour of time each day, how would you use it?



Listener or talker?



As a child, what did you want to be when you grew up?



Favorite TV show?

Deadliest Catch


What is the best dish you can cook?



If you could play any musical instrument, what would it be?



Night owl or early bird?

Early bird

Tell Us More

What is the most surprising thing you’ve learned while working at ms?

Everyone I have come in contact with strives to provide the best product possible for the clients. This was a refreshing change from other firms that seem to focus more on the bottom line.


What sets ms apart from other engineering & architecture firms?

I think our ability to share work across geographic boundaries while providing the same great service.


What project are you most proud to have been a part of, and why?

Working on the I-77 high-occupancy toll lanes maintenance of traffic revisions in my hometown of Charlotte gave me a sense of satisfaction for improving the safety of the work zone.


You’ve got one day in Raleigh. What do you do?

Start with a morning walk on the Art Museum trail and then visit the Museum of Natural Sciences. Have lunch at Players Retreat near NC State University and stroll through campus to Howling Cow for dessert. Go downtown for dinner at Sitti or The Pit and then spend the evening at a Carolina Hurricanes hockey game.


What do you enjoy doing in your free time?

I enjoy hiking and biking on trails across the state, NC State athletics, Carolina Hurricanes games, and spending time with family. I also enjoy cooking, grilling, and reading.