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Imagine a Day Without Water: Don’t Take Water for Granted

Maggie Kearns Francis

October 22, 2019

Millions of Americans take water for granted every day. Turn on the tap, and clean water flows out. Flush the toilet, and dirty water goes away. With reliable water service, people don’t think twice about the infrastructure bringing water to their homes, and then safely returning it to the environment – but everyone should be concerned with the fragility of those systems.


On Imagine a Day Without Water, take a moment to think about what would happen if you couldn’t turn on the tap and get clean drinking water, or if you flushed the toilet and wastewater didn’t go anywhere. What would that day be like? What would firefighters do? Could hospitals be sanitary without clean tap water or without wastewater service? Would restaurants and hotels be able to serve guests? Would farmers be able to water crops or care for livestock? Would manufacturing plants that require vast amounts of clean water, such as breweries or paper mills, shut down?

Water Infrastructure in America

We take for granted that we don’t have to ask those questions every day, but America’s water infrastructure is aging and failing. Stories of communities with neglected infrastructure and compromised drinking water bubble up regularly. Record rainfalls in the Midwest this spring flooded the Mississippi River with pollution, and this summer toxic algae bloomed in the Great Lakes – a critical source of drinking water for millions of Americans. In other parts of the country, drought and wildfires threaten critical water supplies for communities and farmers. There are even communities, especially in many rural places across the country, that have never had access to infrastructure in the first place. Americans can’t take their water infrastructure for granted.


Water infrastructure is the lifeline of our community. Our water infrastructure supports every facet of our daily lives, but our water infrastructure is facing challenges. Our professional team of engineers, architects, and planners provide complete drinking water, wastewater, and water resource engineering services, improving water in communities across the nation. Meeting the demands of today’s communities, our team develops innovative solutions to provide clean water to communities, address wastewater treatment needs, and preserve our natural waterways.

Prioritize Investment in Water Systems

Water challenges look different to different communities and require local solutions, but reinvestment in water systems should be a national priority. Strong leadership on water is key to securing America’s future. Imagine a Day Without Water is an opportunity for everyone to get educated about our local water systems and challenges, what organizations are trying to do to solve our big water problems. It is also a day for us to raise awareness with our elected leaders and say, with one voice, that these are big problems that won’t be solved in a silo. We need leadership at every level if we want to secure a better future for the millions of Americans who don’t have reliable water service today, and ensure a reliable water future for generations to come. Investing in water is investing in a future where no American will have to imagine a day without water.


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