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Chuck Stajewski Returns to ms

Kori Cutlip

February 17, 2022


Chuck Stajewski, PE, recently returned to ms consultants. In his new role, Chuck will lead the company’s expansion into eastern Pennsylvania’s transportation needs. Chuck, who has more than a decade of industry experience, comes back as a Business Project Manager and Transportation Lead for Eastern Pennsylvania. Welcome Back, Chuck!


What motivated you to return to ms?

The people. I remained close with quite a few folks after I left and maintaining those relationships, along with feeling like part of the team, even after I was gone, encouraged me to come back.


What is/are your professional specialty area(s)?

Most of my experience is within the transportation industry, specifically bridges/structures.


What are the biggest challenges you face on a day-to-day basis when it comes to meeting client/project needs? How do you deal with these challenges?

Understanding client needs and expectations, without under or over delivering, especially in the remote work environment, where nonverbal communication is sometimes difficult. To combat this, I over communicate, check-in often, and follow-up when we say we will.


What do you feel is the biggest trend/need in your specialty area(s)? How are you meeting these needs?

One of our clients, PennDOT, has made it a goal to move to plan-less delivery by 2025. The trend across the industry continues to be trying to utilize advancing technology: 3D software, virtual reality, aerial imagery, and LiDAR point cloud. We must be mindful using the technology when it brings value to our clients without getting hung up on the shiny new object.  ms does a great job with staying on top of trends and organically testing and implementing those that bring value to the project.


How did you decide you wanted to be in your chosen profession?

My father is a construction supervisor for a home builder. I was always interested in building things. He urged me at a young age that I needed to go to school, and civil engineering seemed most appropriate for me. WE ARE!


If you weren’t in this profession, what would you be doing?

Ideally, a fly fishing guide.


What do you enjoy doing in your free time? Hobbies, organizations, community involvement, etc.

Right now, I most enjoy being with my kids and wife and watching them grow. Having a two-year-old and four-year-old is a lot of work but super rewarding. I also really enjoy fly fishing and winter sports, especially skiing. I was forced to retire the ice skates though. Believe it or not, I do enjoy accomplishing things around the house, however, that list is ever growing.


What’s the best advice you’ve ever received?

There are three that often stick with me, especially at work:

  • Surround yourself with folks that will continue to challenge you and grow together.
  • Take care of your team; we provide a service, and it takes a team of good people. Without the people, there is no deliverable.
  • Be genuine in everything you do.