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Can You Survive Crumbling Infrastructure?

Krystal Paisley

July 15, 2015

With only a flashlight and a camera, a new video game tasks you with surviving the hazards of a decaying city, one failing piece of infrastructure at a time!


Video games are traditionally be reserved for taking your favorite NFL player across the goal line or pulling off a car heist, but INFRA puts you in the seat of an engineer. By visiting city streets, water tunnels, sewers, and more, it is your task to avoid the hazards of crumbling infrastructure and ultimately save the city from complete disaster.



Players are set out to document and detect deficiencies in the realistic, yet fictional, city of Stalburg bearing nothing but your trusty camera and flashlight. Players must avoid hazards like collapsing buildings while also solving puzzles like diverting raw sewage from a river to a wastewater treatment plant.


While INFRA is set in a fictional city, the game was inspired by the conditions of America’s outdated and hazardous roads and levees. Oskari Samiola, INFRA’s creator, says, “The idea to make an infrastructure-themed game came after I watched the ‘Crumbling America’ documentary about the U.S.A.’s at-the-collapsing-point infrastructure.”


In case you forgot, America currently has a D+ average on the Infrastructure Report Card. Along with the Highway Trust Fund quickly expiring, America's current infrastructure problems are a serious issue in real life.


Sure, it’s not your traditional video game, but INFRA gives you the opportunity to live a day in the life of a community-saving engineer!


INFRA is currently in the development phases and is planned to launch in October 2015 if the funding goal is met.


To support this project, visit INFRA’s Indiegogo page.


Photo Credit: Loist Interactive