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Traffic Engineering + Planning

Planning safe + efficient routes

The key to a successful transportation project is proper planning. ms consultants has experience in various traffic studies for public and private clients, including impact studies, safety evaluations, and parking studies, just to name a few. Traffic engineering has an impact on the way we drive, where we park, and so much more.


As part of our traffic engineering and planning process, safety plays a critical role. Our traffic engineers also prepare construction plans for traffic signals, signing, pavement markings, roadway lighting, and more. To date, ms consultants has completed more than 300+ traffic impact studies alone.


  • Access Management Plans
  • Crash Analysis
  • Design and Standards Manuals
  • Interchange Analysis
  • Interchange Justification Studies
  • Intersection Analysis
  • Major Investment Studies
  • Operational Studies
  • Parking Studies
  • Preliminary Geometrics
  • Roadway Capacity Studies
  • Roadway Signing
  • Safety Studies
  • Site Plan Traffic Operational Studies
  • Thoroughfare Plans
  • Traffic Calming Plans
  • Traffic Capacity Studies
  • Traffic Engineering
  • Traffic Impact Studies
  • Traffic Planning
  • Traffic Volume Sampling and Forecasts
  • Transportation System and Facility Planning

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