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Urban Design + Master Planning

Improving our communities

Each project and community must draw from its individual culture, history, and environment for long-lasting success. At ms consultants, these considerations play a key role in projects of all scales, including regional and community master plans, parks and recreation areas, and redevelopments.


We blend our expertise in planning, architecture, landscape architecture, engineering, and economics to create sustainable communities that connect people with places, movement with the static environment, and nature with architecture.


Collaboration is also a critical piece of our urban design and master planning process. We work side by side with communities to establish a creative vision—understanding your past and anticipating the future. By incorporating our knowledge of planning, design, and infrastructure, we bring these ideas to life, providing you with a strategic, comprehensive, and sustainable plan.


  • Comprehensive Master Plans
  • Corridor Studies
  • Downtown and Neighborhood Plans
  • GIS Mapping
  • Landscape Architecture Design
  • Parks and Recreation Master Plans
  • Public and Community Engagement
  • Redevelopment Studies
  • Strategic Plans
  • Wayfinding and Signage

Funding Your Next Project

We hear it all the time. You want to start an improvement project, but your community just doesn’t have the funding. At ms consultants, we have in-house finance and grants specialists to make sure your project gets off the ground.


Our finance and grants services provide you with a trusted partner throughout the funding process. Services include project funding identification, procurement, application assistance, meeting with various agencies, developing adequate documentation, and regulatory compliance.


From local programs to federal agencies, we can help you identify and secure funding for your next improvement project.

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