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Dr. Thomas Fok & Thomas F. Mosure

Our Founders: Shaping the Present and Future


October 3, 2013

As ms consultants continues to celebrate our 50th anniversary year, we have two more parties to go having held five parties in four states so far. It’s been a pleasure getting to personally thank everyone – clients, community members, family, friends, employees, and even past employees – for helping us succeed these last 50 years.


It goes without saying that ms consultants would not have gotten off the ground without its two founding members – Thomas F. Mosure and Dr. Thomas Fok. These two opened ms consultants’ – then called Mosure-Fok Engineering – in Youngstown, Ohio, in 1963. Without their entrepreneurial spirits, engineering knowledge and business abilities, there’s a good chance our company would not have made it to even its first anniversary.


Thomas F. Mosure passed away in August 2000, and this August we also said goodbye to Dr. Thomas Fok. Even though they are no longer with us, the culture they created and underlying business principals they outlined live on. They did, and continue to, make ms consultants what it is today.


As our 50th anniversary year approaches its final months, we will continue to celebrate with all who helped us get this far, but will also reflect on those who are no longer with us yet shaped so much of our present and future.


If you want to learn more about our past (and the engineering/architecture professions) over the last 50 years, scroll through our interactive timeline!.