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Here Are the 2022 Top Retail Design Firms

ms consultants, inc. | May 2022

FOR 28 YEARS, and as part of our annual Retail Design Firm Resource Guide, VMSD has ranked the top retail design firms from around the globe.

Bike trail bridge slated for fixes

ms consultants, inc. | April 2022

Work is proceeding to fix a bridge on the Western Reserve Greenway Trail in Bristol.

Columbus software maker adapting to new way of working with smaller Polaris office

ms consultants, inc. | April 2022

One of Central Ohio’s fastest-growing companies is shrinking its office space – adopting a collaborative design for the new way of working that emerged from the pandemic.

Montreat Steering Committee talks town comprehensive plan over Mad Libs and stickers

ms consultants, inc. | March 2022

Using Mad Libs, stickers and post-it notes, the Montreat Steering Committee, in charge of updating the town comprehensive plan, discussed goals and interests of the community at a March 21 meeting.

Career Services at Youngstown State University Offer Students the Chance to Explore

ms consultants, inc. | March 2022

There’s a familiar saying that you’ve probably heard before: find something you love doing, and you’ll never have to work a day in your life. Of course, that’s easier said than done.

Comprehensive report details future of Mahoning River

ms consultants, inc. | March 2022

A folder from the Eastgate Regional Council of Governments contains some of the 88-page report titled Mahoning River Corridor Revitalization. It’s the most comprehensive post-steel report ever produced on the Mahoning River — a blueprint of what the river could mean for quality of life for years to come. But there’s not just a written report, there’s a video too.

City’s DORA approved by the licensing administration

ms consultants, inc. | March 2022

The City of Coshocton’s Designated Outdoor Refreshment Area (DORA) was approved by the licensing administration under the Ohio Department of Commerce. Qualified liquor permit holders within the Coshocton DORA have received appropriate permits electronically.

Bridges built to bear: Students compete in mini construction contest

ms consultants, inc. | February 2022

Some structures have collapsed under their own weight, but a bridge Morgan Davis worked on collapsed with its own weight under it.

Warren works to upgrade parks

ms consultants, inc. | February 2022

New playground equipment is expected to be purchased for the city’s third-largest park using funds from two grants and an Environmental Protection Agency settlement.

MS Consultants Supports Infrastructure Projects

ms consultants, inc. | February 2022

Over the last year, MS Consultants supported several major projects in the Mahoning Valley.