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New Year’s Resolution

Monica Mosure

January 14, 2014

It’s that time of year again—gym membership sales are up, 1 in 3 television commercials is promoting a diet plan,  and money saving is on the minds of almost everyone. It’s a new year and with that, brings reflection on the year past and setting goals for the upcoming 365 days.


The most popular U.S. resolutions include weight loss, better debt management, getting a better education, and volunteering. Taking a note from the most popular goals of American’s, ms has set its own resolutions for 2014.


1. Take the Time to Say “Thank You”: Celebrating our 50th anniversary in 2013 gave us a lot to be thankful for, including wonderfully talented and dedicated employees, committed clients, and communities that support our work and business. We look forward to a year full of thanking you all!


2. Support Health and Wellness: 2014 is our third year of offering our Wellness at Work health program to employees and spouses, and we aim to make this year the best yet. We will continue to help support weight lost goals and other wellness goals through stress reduction, physical activity, nutrition guidance, and overall well-being education. Our goal is help each employee and family reach or maintain their ideal health and happiness in 2014.


3. Improve and Maintain Natural and Man-made Infrastructure: Engineering and architecture is in our hearts, and we hope to share this passion with all of our current and potential clients and communities in 2014. From improving drinking water, rehabilitating bridges, creating cleaner streams, and designing beautiful and energy efficient buildings, we hope that our work continues to positively impact the world for us all.


Have a 2014 resolution you would like to share? Make sure to comment below.