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ms Q+A: Todd Taylor

Maggie Kearns Francis

September 11, 2017

With 15 years of experience in the water and wastewater field, Todd is the man you need to bring all of your environmental engineering and pop culture questions to because he is sure to have answers for both! We asked Todd to tell us a bit more about his life on and off the clock.


I am nearing my two-year anniversary at ms consultants and am currently the Technical Services Manager for Utilities in NE Ohio. I graduated with my master’s degree in civil engineering from the University of Akron in 2002, focusing mainly on water and wastewater. I am treasurer for the Northeast Ohio Water Environment Association (NESOWEA) and the past central division director for District 10 Toastmasters. My wife Jenilee and I live in Cuyahoga Falls with our three wonderful cats (yes, cats).


What was your first job?
I cleaned restrooms at Hills Department Store for a summer. Yes, I still have the vest. No, I will not wear it to work.


Last album you downloaded?
Itinerant Arias – Christopher Paul Sterling… that guy is a beast.


If there was a holiday in your honor what would it celebrate?
Random Trivial Facts That No One Should Know Day. I can’t remember anything of any value, but I can recognize the voice and remember the name of some random actor that was in some television show that only lasted one season.


Favorite food?
Something seafood related…oysters, scallops, etc.


First concert you went to?
First concert was Lollapalooza… Beck, Sonic Youth, Pavement, Mighty Mighty Bosstones (and others) were there.  My friends and I were left to fend for ourselves for the day, and we shouldn’t have been.


Dream vacation destination?
I first thought I’d plead the fifth on this one, as my wife tends to hear such things and make them her mission to make them true. For example, I once complained that I was never allowed to play with Lincoln Logs as a child. Suddenly a 38-year-old-man was gifted Lincoln Logs on his birthday. Also, a guest at her hotel asked for a pillow fort as a joke in the special request location on his reservation form. He checked into his room to find three dozen pillows in a strategic arrangement that would keep out hostile Intruders.

On second thought, let’s say ”the moon” and see what happens.


If you had your own talk show, who would be your first three guests?
John Kruk, Pete Seeger, and my maternal grandmother.


Favorite TV show?
Mad Men should be required of any engineer with no business sense. The first season of Westworld was so intricate and detailed that you want to dissect every second of the show. However, Twin Peaks is such a surreal fever-dream of a show that it makes your ears bleed if you think too much about it. I thoroughly enjoy that show and I’ve no clue at any time what’s going on.


What is the most surprising thing you’ve learned while working at ms?
You cannot get anything accomplished without honest and open lines of communication. You can have the greatest solution to every problem, but if you can’t get buy-in from your client and those helping you put the solution together, it’s just one person’s opinion.


If you weren’t an engineer, what would you be doing?
I originally thought I was going to be an architect but decided against it.


What would you go back and tell your 22 year old self?
“You are hilarious…don’t listen to what your future wife says about your jokes.”


You’ve got one day in Akron. What do you do?
Hike in morning, Lockview for lunch, zoo and then an Akron RubberDucks game.


What do you enjoy doing in your free time?
Even my off-work time is pretty filled, but when I do get time to relax, it’s just breathing, not thinking.  This sounds like yoga might be involved but that requires way too much coordination, so if fully seated couch yoga were a thing, I’m there. 


Any final words?
Perpetuity, juxtaposition, fortuitous, caffeinated, elucidated.