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ms Pittsburgh: Home of the Yinzers

ms Pittsburgh: Home of the Yinzers

Maggie Kearns Francis

May 26, 2020

Far from the rolling plains of ms’ native Ohio, ms Pittsburgh first opened its doors in 1985. The Pennsylvania rivers, hills, and valleys converge to create a very scenic and topographically challenging region. Over the last 35 years, our professionals (some of them here for nearly that long!) have become experts on managing and navigating projects through the unique challenges of this terrain.


ms Pittsburgh was our firm’s fourth office and the first office outside of Ohio. Pittsburgh was an obvious choice when expanding our geographical reach after flourishing in Northeast Ohio, where we were founded in 1963. Initially a transportation engineering firm slowly growing our capabilities over the years, today, we stand as industry experts and a full service engineering, architecture, and planning firm.


Over the years, our ms Pittsburgh experts have worked on notable projects across the city and state. 

  • Awarded Project of the Year (ASHE Northeast Region), 2019 Transportation Project of the Year (ESWP), and 2019 Outstanding Highway Engineering Award (ASHE Pittsburgh) our recently completed Bentleyville Interchange project, delivered cost-effective and innovative solutions to mitigate safety and efficiency issues along Interstate 70.
  • With a team of stained glass, woodworking, plaster, and tile artisans, ms collaborated with the University of Pittsburgh to design the Iranian Room. The university has a long history of honoring culture settled in Allegheny County, giving students the opportunity to learn in culturally-significant classrooms.
  • Having longstanding relationships with both PennDOT and the Pennsylvania Turnpike Commission, our traffic and roadway engineers are experienced working in 7 PennDOT Districts and more than 35 counties throughout Pennsylvania.
  • Brick paved with a 4-7% grade, Dellrose Street needed a sustainable stormwater collection solution. Green infrastructure permeable pavers were the perfect solution, reducing capital costs and long-term maintenance life cycle costs.
  • A recipient of the 2017 Outstanding Highway Engineering Award (ASHE Pittsburgh), the State Route 4031 Bridge project required outside-of-the box replacement solutions.
  • Our water resource and environmental engineering teams have completed more than 75 projects with water, sewer, and wastewater organizations across the region.
  • & many more projects!

Home of the Yinzers

ms Pittsburgh is home to hard-working experts in many disciplines, including: architecture, environmental engineering, highway engineering, site civil engineering, environmental planning, structural engineering, traffic engineering, and water resource engineering.


As a city built at the confluence of three rivers, there are an abundance of unique topography challenges for each project. Any longtime ms Pittsburgh employee can point to a few of the city’s iconic downtown bridges they have worked on and also recall the unique challenges of each project. The roadway systems in Pittsburgh can confuse even modern-day GPS applications. Oh, and don’t forget about the steep grade and brick paving of many of the city’s throughways – “You can’t get there from here!”


A city filled with passion for their many professional sports teams and for their unique accent, the pride citizens have for this city runs deep. We are proud to have found a home in Pittsburgh.

Something Exciting is Coming...

We continue to grow and invest in our ms Pittsburgh location. Starting in 1985 with just a handful of employees, our office today has 50+ employees as we continue to grow and expand our team.


We have some big news coming for our Pittsburgh office as we continue this growth.


Interested in joining our team and getting in on the secret early? Yinz can apply here.