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ms Companywide B.R.E.W. Party

ms Companywide B.R.E.W. Party

ms Companywide B.R.E.W. Party

ms Companywide B.R.E.W. Party

ms Companywide B.R.E.W. Party

ms Companywide B.R.E.W. Party

ms Companywide B.R.E.W. Party

Jeff Jilek

December 22, 2022

With the continued success and the surge of talented new hires joining the ranks of ms consultants, company leadership decided it was a good time to host a companywide party. And they were right!


The companywide party was denoted the B.R.E.W. Party as a play on the party location at a well-known brewery. The name is also derived from the ms employees being a special B.R.E.W.: bright, real, enthusiastic, and wonderful.


It was to be a time when the members of the ms consultants team could take a well-deserved breather and spend some time together. An event not focused on work but focused on bonding and forming friendships.


The B.R.E.W. Party was held at the locally-famous BrewDog DogTap in Canal Winchester, Ohio.


The event included members of every office, allowing the opportunity to get to know every member of the company, not just ones in their immediate department. This meant that we were in the presence of all office locations and our full-time remote employees, with people traveling from North Carolina, Indiana, Pennsylvania, Tennessee, and elsewhere.


Getting to meet all of those skilled professionals was a nice reminder of how and why ms consultants is as successful as we are.


The B.R.E.W. Party began with a cocktail hour in the main atrium space, followed by a few planned and entertaining events. The events included a scavenger hunt, “spaghetti tower” building, dinner, and more. It was really enjoyable working with coworkers on the scavenger hunt (even if it wasn’t supposed to be a team event) and tower building, then dancing and dining with them afterward. Some of us could really cut a rug! (I try!)


The B.R.E.W. Party was much, much more than just a “traditional” company party. The event was a good time to get together and meet people from ALL the divisions of the company. That, meeting everyone from everywhere, was my favorite part. We all work hard to create and provide quality work, so it was nice to get to know all of the contributors to the ms consultants team. “Work hard, play hard” would be a phrase that embodies the ms culture in the most positive way


Especially during COVID quarantine, it was common to work with individuals without ever seeing their faces or getting to know them. The party was the perfect opportunity to do just that—which we all took the opportunity to do.


Another one of my favorite parts of the B.R.E.W party was the lunch event with the ms Young Professionals Group. The company sponsored the ms Young Professionals outing at Buckeye Raceway. We all bonded while throwing axes and/or racing go-karts. That event was also pretty great—and again, it allowed me the opportunity to meet individuals from different departments and from different offices.


I can’t forget to mention the dance party! Many company members had a huge dance party immediately following the taco bar. It reminded me a little bit of a wedding. There was even a Conga line!


The B.R.E.W. Party made it apparent that the ms culture, coming from leadership down, is that they are a family. Which is true to the company being started, and continuing to be, a family-owned firm. It was wonderful to have a great time with that same leadership group and others, an inclusive group that likes to have a good time.


While the companywide party was a special event, other events happen throughout the year that are just as fun! Like the pumpkin carving contests, chili cook-offs, food trucks, and more.


Join in on the fun! Check out the ms Careers page for current openings. I look forward to seeing you on the team!