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ms Architectural Graduates Honored in Global Competition

Kelsey Peters

March 2, 2015

Two ms architectural graduates were recently awarded an honorable mention in an international skyscraper competition. Matthew Kisseberth, LEED GA, and Nathan Lephart, LEED AP BD+C, put their skills to the test with “Supercritical Continuum,” a luxury hotel, animal sanctuary, and research facility all in one!


The competition was held by SuperSkyScrapers, an organization that holds international architecture and design competitions. The competition required participants to “explore and investigate the possibility of an inspirational design or concept for a high quality Oceanic Skyscraper to be used as a luxury hotel in the Pacific Ocean. The skyscraper concept should present a possible design solution for achieving a skyscraper that can rise out of the depths of the Ocean.”

Designing a Super Skyscraper

Matthew and Nathan, who both received their Bachelors in Architecture from The Ohio State University, worked together to redefine what a skyscraper meant to them. This complex task triggered thoughts about what else would make this oceanic design stand out, and the two designers felt that self-sustainability with a focus on alternative energy, along with more than one particular attraction to the location would create a more in-demand hot spot deep in the Pacific Ocean. It is with this notion that Matthew and Nathan came up with the plan to include an animal sanctuary that a variety of animals from around the world could call home. To allow each animal to flourish in this type of environment, the luxury hotel was designed with  predetermined climate zones set forth in their designated residential pods.


The project design took well over 200 hours of preparation, discussing details, and working with new programs. Matthew, who has his LEED accreditation, stated that his favorite aspect of the project was the different perspectives included in the project. He wanted to help viewers understand the concept, and enable those to visualize this luxury hotel. Nathan, an AIA associate and LEED-accredited professional, explained that he was most excited about the full design aspect, from start to finish. He said with the ability to create the full design, the design challenge felt similar to school projects, where it called upon all of his creativity, and gave him options to make decisions usually left up to the client.

About the Architectural Graduates

Matthew joined ms consultants in September 2013, and primarily works on various national roll-out banking projects. He originally went to school for engineering, but was drawn to the architectural field due to the impact this discipline serves on a day-to-day basis.  The Skyscraper & Super Skyscraper competition allowed him to learn new software programs that help with the design phase, and he is eager to apply his new knowledge with projects at ms.  While he’s not in the office, Matthews enjoys being outdoors, climbing, and playing sports.


Nathan, who has been at ms consultants since March 2013, primarily works on a variety of national roll-out retail projects. When he was younger, Nathan was always interested in crafting and wood working, so it is no surprise that he was drawn to the architectural profession. Nathan believes that professional development outside of work is very important, which is why he partakes in architectural competitions, and continuing education and certifications. He also enjoys playing tennis, skiing, watching The Ohio State Buckeyes and the Green Bay Packers, and working on both cars and motorcycles.