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Architecture Firm: A Day in the Life

Architecture Firm: A Day in the Life

Architecture Firm: A Day in the Life

Architecture Firm: A Day in the Life

Architecture Firm: A Day in the Life

Architecture Firm: A Day in the Life

ms consultants, inc.

August 11, 2022

Architect. Architecture. Architecture firm. These are all terms that may come up in conversation, for any industry where brick and mortar is still relevant. However, architecture firms can be vastly different regarding services offered and design specialization. Keep reading to see what architecture firms do, a preview of some architecture firm clients, and how to bring a project to life.

What is an architecture firm?

An architecture firm is a company that employs architects, designers, and support staff to work with clients, creating the interior and structural design of buildings. An architecture firm is responsible for providing a specific portion or all of the design and build process. From surveying to initial designs to permits to construction, an architecture firm can have its hands in any piece of the process.


At an architecture firm, the design process includes more than just architects. Collaboration with mechanical, electrical, and plumbing engineers (MEP), permitting specialists, computer-aided design (CAD) technicians, and more are all possible additional professionals to work with within one or many architecture firms.



ms as a full-service architecture firm

At ms, we are architects, engineers, planners, and more, including being a full-service architecture firm. So, what is a full-service firm? A full-service architecture firm can complete a project from start to finish, from the design process through final construction. On the other hand, some architecture firms, specialize in certain pieces of the project process.


Because ms is a full-service architecture firm, we can offer our clients a complete range of services. To provide our clients a variety of design services, ms has a broad range of design ability and internal resources to ensure the designs come to life.


Being a full-service architecture firm, we offer many design services, including building design, interior design, and sustainable design. Within these categories, we have specialized professionals for each design process, beyond just the physical building design. For example, we have a number of LEED® accredited, Green Globes®, and Envision Sustainability professionals that are experts in a range of sustainable design projects.

Architecture Firm Clients

Because architecture firms design and build many types of buildings, the opportunities and client types are endless.


This variety of client types is present at ms. This variety of client types includes ms. We have a wide variety of clients and serve several different markets throughout the nation. Some industries we work with include retail, grocery, banks, restaurants, municipal, education, hospitality, and more.


Want to see our work as a full-service architecture firm in action? Check out a handful of project profiles:



The ms professionals take pride in being an architecture firm that brings innovative designs to life where people learn, work, shop, and live.


Need an architecture firm?

Do you have a project that could use a full-service architecture firm? From large-scale service centers to small community spaces, let’s make your project a reality. We have a wide range of professionals ready to bring your project to life, no matter the size. You can also check out more of our work on our Projects page. When you’re ready to talk, reach out to us at We’d love to hear from you.  

Join Our Team!

Are you interested in joining an architecture firm? We’re hiring for architecture positions (and more) in several office locations. Join an architecture firm that works with various clients, serves on many project types, and collaborates with others in the engineering, architecture, and construction world. Check out our current architecture openings and apply here.


In the meantime, connect with us on LinkedIn, Twitter, and Facebook!