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Fantastic Cities Coloring Book

IDEO Method Cards

The Modern Architecture Game

LEGO® Architecture Sets

Carcassonne Board Game

Machi Koro Board Game

Lift It! Building Game

Architect and Urban Planner Gift Guide

Maggie Kearns Francis

December 20, 2016

Architect and Urban Planner Gift Guide

Some of you may have finished Christmas shopping weeks ago, but for those of you last minute gift buyers, we have a gift guide full of ideas for all of the architects and planners (both child and adult!) in your life!


Fantastic Cities: A Coloring Book of Amazing Places

Fantastic Cities coloring book allows the architect admirer to add their own colorful touch to some of the world’s most famous cityscapes.  Including aerial drawings of New York City, London, Tokyo and many more, the photos have incredible detail and will keep coloring book lovers engaged for hours!


Method Cards - IDEO

These cards showcase methods that inspire great design that keep people at the center of the process.  The methods are not meant to be used as “how to” guides, but just to inspire great design and new approaches to develop architects and designers.  These cards are available in physical and app form, so it’s a great gift for all of your tech-savvy architect friends!


The Modern Architecture Game

A Trivial Pursuit inspired, 20th-century and modern architecture game challenges players with questions about iconic buildings, styles, influences, and quotes.  When answering questions, players must wear Le Corbusier’s famous black frames; answering a question incorrectly will lose you both your turn and the iconic spectacles!


LEGO® Architecture Sets

Any architecture fanatic will love getting their hands on LEGO’s architecture sets.  Recreating anything from the United States Capitol Building to the Louvre, these sets allow architecture fans to get up close and personal with some of the world’s most famous buildings!


Carcassonne Board Game

This game takes place in the famous French city of Carcassonne, known for its unique roman and medieval fortifications.  Players must strategize to develop the areas surrounding the city.  The winner is determined by the ability of players to build roads, cities, and structures surrounding Carcassonne!


Machi Koro

You are elected as the mayor of the city, Machi Koro, and must use a variety of strategies to further develop and build the city.  The citizens request structures and developments for the city, and as the mayor, you must collect income from developments and build public works to make Machi Koro the greatest city in its region!


Lift it!

Lift It! is an interactive building game that challenges players to create structures with a crane using both their hands and their heads.  Players must work to beat the clock by building the complete structure before time runs out!


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