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National Engineers Week 2017

Maggie Kearns | February 2017

National Engineers Week is all about exposing students to the wonders of the engineering world, understanding what exactly it is that engineers do, and what type of engineering would best suite their interests. Below we have compiled some of our favorite activities and engineer information for you to explore.


Celebrating National Mentoring Month

Maggie Kearns | January 2017

National Mentoring Month is a large scale mentoring campaign that runs nationwide each year. ms consultants takes part in multiple mentoring programs and wanted to take this opportunity to reflect on the commitment of our employees to give back to the communities around them.


Architect and Urban Planner Gift Guide

Maggie Kearns | December 2016

Some of you may have finished Christmas shopping weeks ago, but for those of you last minute gift buyers, we have a gift guide full of ideas for all of the architects and planners (both child and adult!) in your life!


Happy Holidays!

Krystal Paisley | December 2016

‘Twas the night before Christmas, and all through ms,

Engineers, architects, and planners were all working for success…


Community Involvement: 2016 in Review

Krystal Paisley | December 2016

As the year is coming to a close, we reflect on the events over the last twelve months. Each year, we work to improve the communities where we work and live. ms and our employees are committed to supporting various initiatives and non-profit organizations. Here are just a few highlights of our 2016 contributions.


Can't Take the Heat? Paint the Town White (or Green)!

Maggie Kearns | October 2016

Have you ever given much thought to the color of roof tops and how they are affecting the environment? Well you should! It turns out rooftops have a pretty significant effect on air temperature, energy consumption, and surrounding ecosystems.


Educating Communities on Sustainability

Kelsey Peters | October 2016

ms consultants Director of Sustainability, Kari Mackenbach, recently visited Creative Life and Work Services organization (CLW) in Springfield, Ohio, to share a specialized workshop geared towards educating CLW clients and staff on sustainable practices. CLW is an organization that provides opportunities for adults living with developmental disabilities to reach their potential and become active members in their communities.


2016 Step Up for Diabetes

Maggie Kearns | September 2016

Once again, ms employees and their spouses took advantage of the summer weather to get outside, get stepping, and make a difference! This year our goal was higher than ever and yet again, the staff rallied to achieve it.   


Infrastructure Needs a Little TLC, Too

Maggie Kearns | September 2016

Even infrastructure needs a makeover occasionally, often called revitalization. Revitalized infrastructure is cleaned-up and repurposed so a community can enjoy it again.  After all, why destroy and rebuild an old building or green space that, with a little TLC, can become a signature space?


Product Runway: Building Materials Meet Fashion Design

Maggie Kearns | July 2016

ms consultants, inc. took part, for the first time, in the International Interior Design Association’s (IIDA) bi-annual presentation of Product Runway.