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Right-of-Way Services

What are Right-of-Way Services?

Emily Busch

May 4, 2021

Right-of-way services (ROW services) are needed when transportation or environmental projects have an effect on the surrounding property owners, businesses, and residents. Our right-of-way team provides services including planning, title searches, appraisals, appraisal reviews, negotiations, relocation assistance, relocation reviews, administrative settlement services, eminent domain appropriations, and many other right-of-way functions. Our team assists with the details and ensures all projects are carried out smoothly and everyone’s needs are met. Rights-of-way services are an essential component of these projects. 


How familiar are you with these right-of-way services terms?

  • Project Management for Right-of-Way Acquisition Services: Monitoring all details throughout the acquisition process to ensure compliance with federal and state regulations.
  • Title Research: Researching all available records and preparing a report identifying all parties having any ownership interest in the property to be acquired.
  • Value Analysis: Establishes a Fair Market Value Estimate (FMVE) when an appraisal is unnecessary because the valuation process is uncomplicated and the fair market value is estimated at $10,000 or less.
  • Appraisal: Formal process of estimating fair market value.
  • Appraisal Review: Examines another appraiser’s reports to determine if presented conclusions are consistent with data and reasonable with all policies and procedures.
  • Negotiation: Process of acquiring property rights from owners for the expansion and rehabilitation of a local roadway or highway system.
  • Closing: Act of documenting and disbursement of funds for the property, and recording of all documents.
  • Relocation: Providing relocation assistance to eligible persons or businesses displaced from highway improvement projects.
  • Relocation Review: Process of reviewing the work performed by other relocation agents carrying out the relocation assistance function.

How Can We Help?

Established more than 20 years ago, our right-of-way department is ready to work by your side on your next project. Our established team of professionals is experienced throughout the country and knowledgeable on all aspects of right-of-way services. Utilizing this experience, our GIS tracking site, and closely monitored QA/QC processes, our team is looking forward to successfully clearing your next project.


Have questions about right-of-way services? Contact us today to learn more.