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Program Management

Managing the project lifecycle

ms has the capability and experience to serve as the program manager for all services required for planning, permitting, site development, design, construction management, and closeout of projects utilizing a single contacting structure. Experts in all aspects of a project’s life cycle, our team can efficiently manage resources and time to meet client expectations. Additionally, with the capabilities and expertise of our engineering staff, we are able to provide public and private clients comprehensive services throughout the United States and overseas.

Internet-based Project Management Tools

We utilize MoshSolutions, an Internet-based project management tool, to provide flexibility for the unique requirements of all our clients. This password-protected program allows clients, ms staff, and other key team members to communicate and collaborate on drawings, information, and e-mail in a single website environment, accessible from any computer with Internet access. When using MoshSolutions, an unlimited number of remotely located individuals can work together as if sharing space in the same room, saving time and money previously spent on travel, paper, and shipping costs.

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