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Discover Customer Care Center



Services Involved

  • Facility Scan/Survey
  • Design Development
  • Construction Document Phase
  • Construction & Bid Administration
  • Renderings & Visualization

Discover Financial: Customer Care Center

Discover Financial Services owns and operates Discover Bank, an online bank that offers checking and savings accounts, personal loans, home equity loans, student loans, and credit cards. Their new Customer Care Center, which will be located in Whitehall, Ohio, will be one of Discover’s five 100% U.S.-based centers and will include a public community center.


Since the beginning, ms has been working hand in hand with Discover to bring their vision of building a community-centric Customer Care Center to life. To keep the process organized and moving smoothly, we followed a specific set of steps to ensure nothing was overlooked.


To begin the process, we started by helping Discover choose a location. After narrowing it down to three locations, Discover selected a building on Broad Street in Whitehall, Ohio. This center is a part of Discover’s strategic site selection approach, which “seeks to enhance high-quality employment opportunities and increase equity in the communities in which it operates.”


ms then completed a 3D scan of the 103,000-square-foot building using the Faro System. This unique system combines our advanced 3D targeting scanner with drones, modeling, and GIS technology. Using billions of points of light that quickly capture visible aspects of the space, ms provided Discover with a workable point cloud and realistic views of their future space. The resulting scan gave ms architects highly detailed images of all visible building elements, inside and outside, and the specific measurements they needed to begin the design process.


Using the 3D scan and road maps provided by Discover, ms architects were able to create multiple layouts, working directly with the client until they landed on a design that fit the company’s needs and wants.


By utilizing the 3D scan, instead of the traditional surveying methods, like tape measures or laser distance meters, ms was able to save Discover a significant amount of time and money. Traditional surveying methods have a fair degree of uncertainty and error; Just being a few degrees from perpendicular to the measured surface could result in being several inches or even feet off on a large project.


Once the client signed off on the layout, ms architects began to drill down specific details and finishes within the facility; This will provide the construction team with a clear and concise path, ensuring that the project will reach its budgeting and timeline goals.


The 3D scans taken by ms will also ensure these goals are met, as these scans can protect Discover from potential future errors. These scans allow architects to document all existing building elements, meaning fewer surprises during construction, more accurate bids, and fewer or no construction change orders.


Currently, Discover is working to hire minority and women-owned construction companies to complete the renovations and design plan laid out by ms.


Although this is the final step in our process, ms’ involvement in this project is nowhere near done. We work directly with the construction crews hired to answer any questions that may arise, work out specifics, and sign off on completed work. Throughout the process, ms employs multiple check-ins to ensure the Discover’s vision of success aligns with standards. 


Along with providing job opportunities for the City of Whitehall and surrounding communities, the new center aims to benefit the community.


With the influx of people living and working in the growing area, small businesses will see an increase in foot traffic and customers. Discover has also made a commitment to be a good neighbor to the city and supports various local nonprofits, both financially and through volunteerism.


By working with ms, Discover had a partner to assist them in bringing the new Customer Care Center to life. From the beginning stages of choosing a location to the construction of the building, ms was there to help Discover accomplish their goals in not only the construction of their facility but in positively impacting the surrounding community.

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