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Permeable Pavement Project Success Workshop Recap

Krystal Paisley

September 7, 2017

ms recently hosted a Permeable Pavement Project Success Workshop at the Columbus office. This workshop gave attendees a better understanding of permeable pavement design and performance.


Dr. Peter T. Weiss, Ph.D., P.E., professor for the Department of Civil Engineering at Valparaiso University shared his research and expertise. Dr. Weiss presented his results from permeable pavement case studies around the U.S.


Some of Dr. Weiss’ key findings include:


  • Hydraulic performance and water quality impact of permeable pavements
  • Maintenance requirements to optimize performance
  • Keys to a successful project and lessons learned from experience


Dr. Weiss also held a permeable pavement Q+A session for participants to discuss questions, barriers, and benefits to permeable pavements. This collaborative session allowed attendees to bring their real-world stormwater problems to discuss, not just potential situations, to get expert opinions, tips, and solutions.


Participants also discussed:


  • Methods in resolution of resiliency issues
  • Construction best practices
  • Operation and maintenance strategies
  • Lifecycle costs
  • Water quality benefits of permeable pavements


Michael Panzitta, PE, project engineer at ms consultants presented “The ‘Gray’ Area of Green—Where Design Meets Public Policy.” In this presentation, he shared the story of the Dellrose Street green infrastructure project in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. Michael shared the flexible framework for integrated stormwater design, leading to the permeable paver street reconstruction success story.


Don’t worry! We’ve got your covered. Our sustainability experts are here to help. We have resources from the Permeable Pavement Project Success Workshop and more for download at request.


Our in-house sustainability experts provide cost-effective and green design solutions. Whether it’s permeable pavements, rain gardens, or sustainable buildings, we’ve got you covered.


Let’s talk about how you can add some green to your next project.


For questions, more information, or downloads from the workshop, contact Kari Mackenbach at