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Contribute, Grow, + Be Your Best at ms

Intern + Co-op at ms: Contribute, Grow, + Be Your Best

Maggie Kearns Francis

September 28, 2021

Are you a college student interested in gaining meaningful work experience? We are looking for talented, driven students to be part of our next class of interns. At ms, you have the opportunity to gain experience working with talented engineers, architects, and planners. 


At ms, you will have the opportunity to assist on live projects. You will work with our project teams bringing innovative solutions to our clients. Additionally, you will work closely with managers and mentors on assignments. Transforming your classroom learning to real-world experience in your field.


ms takes pride in investing and developing our people. This approach translates to experiencing success and feeling valued.


Benefits of an internship/co-op at ms include:

  • Intern Blueprint Program
  • Opportunity to work with clients throughout the Midwest and across the nation
  • Opportunity to work with all engineering, architecture, and planning groups
  • ms Young Professionals events
  • ms Women’s Group events
  • Knowing your work supports our clients, communities, and environment
  • Much more!


We reached out to some of our current interns and former interns turned new hires. We asked them all about their experiences at ms. Here is what they had to say.


What were the most exciting projects you got to work on during your internship at ms?


Nick Banko, current Transportation Intern (NB) – The most exciting project I have gotten work on so far was the 2021 and 2022 Capital Roads Programs. The project was exciting because it combined real-world experience with civil engineering design. I was able to see in person, what repairs or improvements the road needed. Then, those repairs and improvements were implemented on the plans and quantity sheets.


Cassidy Beharry, current Traffic Intern (CB) – Getting to work on the I-70/I-71 Columbus Crossroads project was a great experience. Also, the US Route 23 Traffic Study was an insightful experience. I learned so much about all that goes into determining what needs to be done to correct traffic issues.


What stood out about your ms internship compared to other internships you had?


NB – I have been allowed to work on more projects with a lot of independence. My team and supervisor have done a great job teaching me skills and allowing me to implement them on meaningful work.


CB – One of the things that stood out was getting to meet all the other interns and SVPs of each business unit. Another thing was how many women in engineering there were at the firm.


What was the most valuable part of your internship at ms?


Jillian Penman, former Structural Intern, current Graduate Engineer (JP) – I valued the family-like atmosphere the most. Everyone was very welcoming since day one and the support I received as I was learning and growing into a young structural engineer was endless. Outside of work, ms willingly included me in the community events they participate in (Panerathon, ASCE Youngstown branch meetings, Youngstown Community Cup, and more). In short, ms treated me as if I was already one of their full-time employees. I was, and continue to be, grateful to be a part of their family. 


Lexi Bair, current Human Resources Intern (LB) – I have really enjoyed being able to experience all aspects of Human Resources. Not only have I worked in recruiting but I have been able to help out with benefits and employee engagement.


CB – One of the most valuable parts of my internship was the number of women role models to look up to at the company. Seeing women engineers in my group and management made me not have imposter syndrome for the first time during an internship.


Anything else you’d like to add?


LB – The company culture at ms consultants is great! In my first week as an intern, multiple executives came to my cubicle and introduced themselves, and asked me about myself. I have really enjoyed getting to know so many people at ms.


NB – The people at ms want to see you succeed.  They work hard to make sure you are getting the opportunity to complete meaningful work.


JP – Choose ms! I can say for myself, interns are started on the right foot here. ms truly cares about the well-being and success of their interns throughout their careers.


Want to spend your summer learning and growing at ms? Apply here.  Contact us with any questions about our internship and co-op opportunities.


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