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Water Asset Management: Is Your Community Compliant?

Krystal Paisley

July 13, 2018

Senate Bill 2 (S.B. 2) requires all Ohio public water systems to develop and document an asset management program.


This bill requires communities to have an inventory of all assets, a valve exercising program, emergency contingency plans, and a long-term funding strategy.


The deadline for all communities to be compliant is coming up soon. October 1, 2018, to be exact.


Is your community ready?


Aside from being required by the state, asset management plans benefit your community.


One key benefit of a well-developed asset management plan is that it legitimizes your organization in front of rate-payers, regulators, governing council/board members, and your utility staff.


Legitimizing your organization is critical to:


  • Raising needed revenues
  • Hiring and recruiting staff
  • Minimizing the cost-of-service

Need Help Becoming S.B. 2 Compliant? We can help.

ms consultants engineers are experienced in utility and asset management programs. We can assist you in developing and implementing your S.B. 2 requirements.


Our specialties include:

  • Evaluation and analysis
  • Asset management
  • Licensed operations assistance
  • System/rate analysis
  • Utility privatization
  • Regulatory compliance assistance
  • …and more.


We’ve provided services for dozens of public water systems and thousands of miles of water lines.


ms staff also have extensive relationships with regulatory agencies and industry contacts to help facilitate the most cost-effective compliance with the new regulations.


In fact, our Utilities Group Leader was a co-author for the latest edition of the AWWA M44 Manual on Distribution Valves. This is the manual that governs valve exercising programs.


With ms, you’re in good hands, working with our industry experts to bring your community up to compliance.


Don’t hesitate! The S.B. 2 deadline will be here soon. 


We will work with your organization to ensure your community is compliant with S.B. 2 by the October 1, 2018, deadline.


Contact Kari Mackenbach at to get started today!