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The Ohio Oil and Natural Gas Boom

The Ohio Oil and Natural Gas Boom

Monica Mosure

May 29, 2012

The ability to access the oil and natural gas resources stored in the Utica and Marcellus shales is changing the face of northeast Ohio’s economy. While the methodology of getting at these resources is a subject for debate, businesses supporting the industry are already starting to swing into high gear in preparation of future needs. ms consultants, inc. is proud to be supporting two of the biggest economic development projects in this area: V&M STAR and Exterran Energy Solutions. V&M STAR is a leading producer of seamless tubular products mainly dedicated to oil and gas applications; Exterran Energy Solutions is a leader in full-service natural gas compression and a premier provider of services and equipment for oil and gas production, processing, treating, transportation and storage.


V&M STAR is relying on our quality engineering and design for the Brier Hill Industrial Park Improvements project, a 640 acre site that required substantial improvements to the on-site infrastructure and access to the site from adjacent transportation facilities. ms provided transportation infrastructure services (both roadway and railway), extensive boundary surveying, drainage infrastructure services, categorical exclusion documentation development, slag deposit sampling and analysis services, and Phase I design – site clearing and installation of storm water pollution controls. We have also provided a number of Phase I Environmental Site Assessments, prepared according to the Ohio Environmental Protection Agency Voluntary Action Project guidelines, to evaluate the need for further evaluation of sites for hazardous wastes.


Likewise, ms consultants is providing architectural and MEP services for Doud BTS, building owner and lessor to Exterran for its building in the Salt Springs Road Industrial Park, as well as site civil and infrastructure design, and boundary and platting services for the site in conjunction with the city of Youngstown. This 65,000-square-foot building in Youngstown will help service the area’s burgeoning oil-and-gas industry and create more than 100 jobs. The $13.2 million facility is on track for completion by December 2012, a very aggressive schedule.


The increase in Ohio’s oil and gas industry is expecting to create 65,000 jobs by 2015 and will have a large impact on other industries. Jim Samuel, founder and principal of Capitol Integrity Group, said in an interview with the Newark Advocate “There are going to be lot of industries affected,” naming real estate, retail, legal services, and transportation.  As Ohio navigates these changes, ms will remain on the forefront to provide assistance and insight.