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Designing Intersection Alternatives

Roundabouts are one of the most effective intersection solutions available. Roundabouts are safer and low maintenance. Our traffic engineers can identify if a roundabout is the solution for your next intersection project.

Do these problems sound familiar?

  • I need an intersection solution.
  • I need to reduce crashes.
  • I need to reduce traffic and/or pedestrian fatalities.
  • I need to slow vehicles down without stop signs.
  • I need to create an aesthetic gateway to my facility or town.
  • I need to accomplish all of the above with low right-of-way, maintenance, and police enforcement cost.

Roundabout Benefits

ms consultants  has completed design with innovative solution to these issues…roundabouts.


Research shows that roundabouts reduce crashes by 40%, injuries by 75%, and fatalities by 90%. These reductions are primarily due to two factors: reducing the number of conflict points and the speed of vehicles. Traffic within the roundabout has the right-of-way, and each approach is controlled with a yield sign. Becoming “trapped in the circle” is not possible.


Roundabouts may also be ideal for areas with restricted sight distance. This eliminates roadway realignments. Roundabouts can also eliminate lengthy turn lanes. Long turn lanes become an issue for local residents by restricting and complicating left turns from their homes. With roundabouts, and the ability to simply go around in the other direction, left turns are no longer an issue.


Roundabouts also have lower maintenance cost compared to a traffic signal by eliminating equipment maintenance and power costs.

Roundabout Experience

The Meritage Group developed a residential neighborhood adjacent to Crawford Road in Ohio Township, Pennsylvania. When the additional two legs of the intersection were added as part of residential development, a four-way intersection was created.


Instead of the traditional intersection, ms consultants suggested a roundabout. The roundabout added aesthetics by creating gateway to the residential development. Also, the roundabout controls speeds and improves safety without requiring police enforcement.


The Ohio Township Volunteer Fire Department also saw benefit of the roundabout. The roundabout design would not significantly impact response times. In fact, due to added safety, it’s possible that the roundabout actually decreased emergency calls.

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