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Imagine the Possibilities

Want to visualize a project before it’s a reality? The ms augmented reality (AR) service is an ideal solution.


Our process makes it easy to offer experiences that engage and educate stakeholders and enhance public outreach projects. We create augmented reality spaces that use a combination of real-world imagery and digital renderings to showcase what your project can look like in the future. Our technology is also easy-to-access, meaning augmented reality is accessible for public meetings, community engagement, and more.


From rain gardens to permeable pavers, traffic lights to new road lanes, redesigned interior spaces to completely new buildings…the possibilities are endless. 


  • Low risk: Using augmented reality is a cost-effective way to see how and if a project will work the way you anticipate with less risk.
  • Stakeholder buy-in: Whether you’re working with the public or other stakeholders, getting buy-in and acceptance for a project is sometimes a difficult project. Through augmented reality, stakeholders view the new project in a familiar space, overcoming the hurdles of imagining “what could be,” driving more buy-in.
  • Educate and inform: Augmented reality creates opportunities to educate and inform, both through public engagement and through the experience itself. For example, callouts can be added to key points, explaining the project or item, what it does, and how it will impact the individual.
  • Customizable: The augmented reality environment and delivery methods are both fully customizable to meet individual project needs.


  • Public Engagement
  • Public Meetings
  • Education
  • Stakeholder Buy-in
  • Interagency Coordination
  • Informational Meetings
  • Developer and Investor Presentations
  • Customer Journey Mapping
  • Project Ideation
  • …and more

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