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ms has the knowledge and experience to provide professional, technical, and managerial services to help meet your community’s needs by implementing innovative and creative solutions. By combining the best of our private and public sector experiences, we manage your essential community services more effectively.


Our team provides customized government services that are sustainable, cost-efficient, and ultimately satisfy the needs of all project stakeholders.


  • On-site Consultations
    • On-site visits to evaluate community needs
    • Meeting attendance
    • Comprehensive review, plan, assessments, and advisement of appropriate areas


  • Administrative Review + Assessment
    • Standard operating procedures (SOP)
    • Employee manual and organizational chart
    • Department review
    • IT review


  • Governance Review + Assessment
    • Ordinance review and advisement
    • Budget review and preparation assistance
    • Council and employee ethics boards, commissions and committees review, and advisement


  • Utilities Review + Assessment
    • Infrastructure review and advisement
    • Master plan review and advisement
    • Rate review and advisement
    • Billing review and advisement


  • Strategic Planning Review + Assessment
    • Municipal administrative strategic plan development
    • Comprehensive plan
    • Community and economic development strategic plans
    • Infrastructure plan (PASER and SAMP)
    • Capital improvement plan (CIP)
    • Parks master plan
    • Planning and zoning laws and fees


  • Economic Redevelopment Strategy
    • Economic development plan review
    • Redevelopment strategy marketing
    • Development of new economic redevelopment plans


  • Public Outreach + Branding
    • Public relations
    • Brand strategy and development
    • Website development and maintenance
    • Social media
    • Public meetings

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About ms consultants. As an award-winning engineering, architecture, planning, and environmental consulting firm, we offer comprehensive and innovative solutions for public and private clients. Our offices are strategically located to best serve local and national needs with teams of experts in their respective fields.