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Recycle the Old, It'll Become the New!

Krystal Paisley

October 31, 2014

Only 25% of the nation responsibly disposes of electronic equipment, according by the EPA. For this reason, ms continues to hold an e-cycle drive each year. And 2014’s eCycle drive was another success!


Our guest blogger for this post is Marina Zahran, an Ohio State University Student and ms consultants, inc. intern.

What Does It Mean to eCycle?

eCycling, or electronics recycling, is the practice of reusing or recycling electrical materials or its components. Many of us do this without notice when we pass down electronics we no longer use. But, have you considered what happens to the hand-me-down electronics when they are too outdated for use? Options include disposal in landfills, which is dangerous to public health because of the hazardous materials electronics often contain, or the more health and environmentally conscious eCycling.


eCycling –  a hidden treasure – is the process of breaking down electronic devices and extracting the usable raw materials, which can then be used to create new electronics. With little effort on the consumers’ end, a great positive change can occur, helping social communities and the environment.

Benefiting the Community and the Economy

Keeping an obsolete computer in your basement to collect dust is not an uncommon trend in American homes. The EPA estimates that 2 million tons of used electronics, including computers and television are discarded each year. In addition, 128 million mobile phones are also retired from use. Fortunately, there are means to skip sending this waste to landfills, benefiting the communities and the economy.


Considering that 90 percent of all electronic equipment is recyclable, electronic recycling has great involvement in creating employment opportunities also. An EPA study states the recycling industry employs 1.1 million people with an annual payroll of approximately 37 billion dollars.


And the benefits don’t stop there. There are many materials that can be salvaged from old electronics. These extracted raw materials can then be used to make new products, reducing the need to mine for new raw materials. The electronic components that are not recycled become waste. These components are composed of numerous raw metals that pose a danger to public and environmental health, including barium, mercury, lead, and other harmful materials.

ms consultants, inc. Deters E-Waste

Another year, another electronic recycling drive. The Columbus, ms consultants, inc. office encouraged employees to bring their personal outdated electronic equipment to the office. The office gathered many items, properly disposing of all materials and working to support responsible electronic disposal.


This year, ms collected:

  • 5 televisions
  • 7 landline telephones
  • 6 computer monitors
  • 7 printers
  • 6 keyboards
  • 2 vacuums
  • and much more!


All electronic recyclables were picked up by ims Electronics Recycling.


Beyond the eCycle drive, ms consultants obtains a standard to consciously work within the recyclables-market; from purchasing recycled office materials to material recycling within the office, ms remains conscious of both paper and electronic trails. Outside of the yearly drive, ms regularly gathers ink cartridges, batteries and other small electronic equipment for proper and responsible disposal.


Didn’t have a chance to participate? Visit the EPA’s eCycling page for tips on what you can do!