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Value City Furniture

Value City Furniture

Value City Furniture

Value City Furniture


Value City Furniture needed a new retail location that connected its revamped brand with customers.

Services Involved

  • Architectural Services
  • Fire Protection Engineering
  • MEP Engineering
  • Permitting
  • Project Management
  • Site Civil Design

Value City Furniture

As the Value City Furniture brand evolved, its new focus was highlighted in its stores.


Moving away from the traditional, warehouse feel of standard furniture stores, the new Value City Furniture was welcoming, bright, and promoted complete living solutions.


The new Value City Furniture landed a home near Polaris Fashion Place, a premier indoor mall located in Columbus, Ohio.


This project consisted of a new, 37,500 square foot furniture store on 3.38 acres of green field at the perimeter of Polaris Fashion Place.


The project was permitted through the City of Columbus One-Stop Shop, with required storm water management and sanitary sewer plans, or CC plans. Permitting included sanitary CC plans for a sanitary main removal, storm CC plans for the on-site collection and detention system, roadway plans for new curb cut access, and site compliance plans.


A strong partnership was critical to the success of the new Value City Furniture location.


ms consultants worked in tandem with the Value City Furniture Construction Department and Store Planning Department to develop the building floor plan, size and building form.


Exterior elevations were developed using an aesthetic that had been previously developed by Value City Furniture Store Planning. This version is unique to the Value City Furniture brand.


The exterior was a locally-produced, concrete, insulated panel. The vast amount of glass at the entrance facade showcases the furniture and allows daylight to stream into the retail space. The natural light renders colors more realistically.


This isn’t just a pretty space. The new Value City Furniture was designed with sustainability in mind.


The envelope passed and is 3% better than what is required by code. Interior lighting, with LED lights, is 68% better than what is required by code.


Other sustainability features include the use of natural lighting through a vast amount of glass at the storefront and the use of locally-sourced materials.


The Value City Furniture store also has vertical green walls, a first for the Value City brand, that allow vegetation to grow up the façade.


The project has also applied for reimbursements for its energy efficiency through the AEP Energy Reimbursement program.


Value City Furniture has partnered with ms consultants since 2005, providing full service architecture and engineering services to the furniture chain.


Additionally, ms also has a strong partnership with its parent company, American Signature, Inc., providing services that include space planning, architectural design, building systems engineering, site-civil design and permitting to more than 150 projects.


The Value City Furniture chain currently operates more than 100 locations throughout the United States, providing quality home furnishings at affordable prices.


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