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Looking to expand into the Ohio market, Onyx+East needed a partner for a new residential development.

Services Involved

  • Site Layout
  • Topographic Survey
  • Wetland + Stream Delineation
  • Zoning + Permitting
  • Construction Documents
  • Water + Wastewater
  • Site Grading
  • Stormwater Drainage + Detention
  • Landscape Planning

Onyx + East: The Greenery

ms consultants is engaged with Onyx+East on the development of more than 120 residential units on 40 acres of property in Berlin Township, Ohio.


Onyx+East is one of the fastest-growing homebuilders in Indianapolis that focuses on creating places designed for modern living that are connected within growing cities and suburbs. This new development is part of Onyx+East’s recent multi-market expansion in the Ohio.

About The Greenery

The Greenery is a residential development featuring build-to-to rent housing. This community will appeal to residents who seek the convenience of renting, while also desiring a high-quality home near top-rated schools, recreation, services and employment.


The Greenery is one of the several communities being developed by Onyx+East in the Columbus, Ohio market. Construction on the Greenery is slated to begin in 2023 with leasing beginning later in the year.

Preparing the Site

As with any residential development, The Greenery site needed a partner to prepare the site for the new homes.


The initial scope of services included topographic survey, wetland and stream delineation, and submission of the zoning application.


ms is developing detailed construction documents including stormwater detention systems, private roadways, public water distribution, and sanitary sewer collection systems. The team is also handling the site grading efforts and developing a cut/fill balance prior to construction.

Close Coordination

For a seamless residential development project, close coordination with many entities is essential.


Through The Greenery site development, ms is working closely with the Delaware County Engineer, Delaware County Regional Sewer District, Del-Co Water Company, the Ohio EPA, and Army Corps of Engineers (ACOE) throughout the design process.


This careful coordination ensures the project is delivered as efficiently and economically as possible.   

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