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ms Indy Office Renovation

ms Indy Office Renovation

ms Indy Office Renovation

ms Indy Office Renovation

ms Indy Office Renovation

ms Indy Office Renovation


ms Indianapolis moved into a new space, presenting an opportunity to incorporate the ms brand into the work environment while bettering the employee experience

Services Involved

  • Interior Design
  • Furniture Fixtures and Equipment (FF&E) Coordination
  • Artwork Curation
  • Environmental Branding Graphics

ms Indianapolis Office Renovation

When the ms Indianapolis office moved from the suburbs to the downtown area, it was a great time to refresh the space and better incorporate the ms brand into the work environment.

Branded Environments

The project included the interior design, furniture coordination, artwork curation, and environmental branding graphics for the 4,700-square-foot renovated space. Modern furniture was introduced to the front lobby to create an elegant but inviting experience. The company logo was incorporated into the reception desk with a new graphic display to emphasize the brand logo in a sleek and contemporary way.


Artwork for the office was selected with the intention of paying homage to Indianapolis and its surrounding areas, while instilling a sense of local pride among employees.

Evolved Workspaces

The workspace consists of a combination of private offices and open office workstations, promoting productivity and teamwork while still allowing for quiet and private atmospheres when needed.


The furniture chosen for both the private offices and workstation includes height adjustable work surfaces to promote movement and wellness. These surfaces give the employees the ability to adjust their posture in a variety of ways throughout the workday, improving overall work experience. The workstations also include personal storage units along with panel based whiteboards that create highly efficient work spaces in a footprint that is less than 50 square feet.


The finishes selected reflect the traditional but fresh and evolving nature that is the ms culture.

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