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Bob Evans


To keep its many locations up-to-date, a casual dining chain in the Midwest needed an ongoing refresh, remodel, rebuild program.

Services Involved

  • Architectural Design
  • Site Design
  • Permitting
  • Prototype Management
  • MEP Engineering
  • Structural Engineering
  • Landscape Design
  • Construction Documents

Bob Evans

ms consultants has been providing comprehensive prototype management, architectural design, building systems engineering, site design, and permitting assistance for Bob Evans restaurants since 1997.


Like many multi-unit retail and restaurant operators, Bob Evans practices a “refresh, remodel, rebuild” ongoing care program for its existing locations.


Updates to existing Bob Evans locations ranged from a quick aesthetic update of paint and carpet, to more substantial interior updates to modernize the brand identity all the way to a complete demolition and new build overhaul.


The “rebuild” option usually took more than a year to complete. However, for the top performing Bob Evans locations, especially those with prime real estate, it was not always necessary to close the store down for over a year while a new store is built.


There were typically three options to pursue in rebuilding Bob Evans locations:


  1. One, close down, demolish and rebuild.
  2. Find adjacent available property and build nearby. Once construction was complete, close and sell-off the abandoned property.
  3. The build-beside option. This option was not always feasible, but was certainly the most preferable.


In the build-beside option, the new Bob Evans restaurant would be constructed directly on the existing property while the existing restaurant continued to operate.


From an architecture and engineering perspective, this was a unique challenge that required solutions to many interesting problems. For example, the design and maintenance of on-site utilities was one of the biggest challenges. The last challenge was the safe and effective demolition of the existing building after the new facility was complete.


Although full of unique challenges, the build-beside option was advantageous when feasible when compared to the other Bob Evans rebuild options. Since 1997, ms consultants has helped Bob Evans complete over 40 of these on-site transitions.

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