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ms Gives Back with Children's Hunger Alliance

ms Gives Back: Children's Hunger Alliance

Maggie Kearns Francis

February 7, 2020

This year, ms launched its “ms Gives Back” campaign. This campaign coincided with the holidays and ended with a winter celebration. ms partnered with the Children’s Hunger Alliance (CHA), a statewide (Ohio) nonprofit organization dedicated to ending childhood hunger.

Throughout our “ms Gives Back” campaign we promoted different themes each week to engage our staff and promote giving. With signage throughout the office and a giant donation tracker displayed in our ms Columbus lobby, our employees were constantly reminded of our goal!

About Children's Hunger Alliance

CHA partners with day care providers, school districts, and afterschool/summer programs to provide balanced, healthy meals to children in their care. Food insecurity plagues more than 500,000 children in the state of Ohio. Beyond just ending childhood hunger, CHA’s team of educators work with the children to teach nutritional education and lead physical activities to provide a balanced approach to health.


Providing children with nutritious meals leads to healthy, long-term development down the road. CHA allows communities to directly invest in the future of our children by providing nourishment today. They believe this investment will have a lasting impact for the future of the children and our communities!

Lunch Money Challenge

The Lunch Money Challenge is one of CHA’s signature programs. It provides the opportunity to get both individuals and organizations involved by transforming lunch money donations into healthy meals for children in Ohio. The average lunch costs $11.40. CHA challenges Lunch Money Challenge participants to pack their lunch and donate the savings! The donations from just one lunch can provide meals for a child for an entire day.


Interested in taking on the Lunch Money Challenge? Contact CHA today!

ms + Children's Hunger Alliance

This season we challenged our staff to focus on giving back to those in the communities around them. Each week, beginning in mid-November and concluding in January, we had a different theme to promote giving! Our offices competed in the Lunch Money Challenge, covered our office in apples, and encouraged others to get involved. We tied our giving efforts into our holiday celebrations and concluded with our Winter Party at Pins Mechanical, where we were able to celebrate a year of success and raise more for CHA.


On Friday, January 31, members of our staff and CHA met at one of the after school programs CHA supports for the official presentation of our fundraising efforts. In total we raised $7,500! This amount will provide nearly 2,000 meals for food insecure children across the state.


Thanks to all of our generous employees, clients, family, and friends who have donated and made this year’s drive a success!