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John R. Doutt Upground Reservoir

Join Us at One Water

Krystal Paisley

August 20, 2014

In less than one week, water professionals will gather at One Water, the Ohio WEA-AWWA technical conference and expo. ms will be presenting  on recent projects at the conference, so If you haven’t yet, register today!


On Thursday, August 28, ms will be featured in three sessions at One Water. These presentations will cover the work that was completed on Upground Reservoirs, City of Hillard's Cosgray Road’s stormwater management, and City of Columbus' Cherry and Fourth Streets Inflow Redirection projects .


Fred Smith will be co-presenting details on a unique solution during the Inflow Redirection project and how a bending weir solved overflow and water in basement problems.


Anil Tangirala will present on how the Cosgray Road Extension project exceed expectations for stormwater management.


Lastly, Ken Ricker will be co-presenting with the Columbus Division of Water to go more in-depth on the Upground Reservoirs, an award winning project that in its first phase provided 9.6 billion gallons of drinking water to the residents of Columbus, Ohio.


There’s still time to sign up and check out these presentations at One Water, August 26-29. Hope to see you there!