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2022 Summer Co-Op and Intern Class Recap

2022 Summer Co-Op and Intern Class Recap

Parker Ashley

September 20, 2022

ms consultants thanks all of our Blueprint Co-Ops and Interns for another amazing summer. Over the past few months our 32 interns and co-ops worked alongside full-time employees, in their respectable fields, and gained experiences that prepare them for the future. The interns and co-ops have a lot to be proud of as, their work also helped move the company forwards.


Interns and co-ops also participated in our Lunch & Learn series, where students listened to presentations from business unit and department leaders. Interns and co-ops also had a Lunch & Learn session specifically with our President, Michael Kratofil and also a session with former interns and co-ops.


The Blueprint Co-Op and Intern program has been the ms standard intern program for many years. The program is known for transforming students into successful professionals within their fields. Over the past four years, ms has hired 13 interns and co-ops as full-time employees after graduation.


Benefits of an internship or co-op at ms include:


  • Co-Op and Intern Blueprint Program
    • Programming to expose interns and co-ops to many aspects of the engineering, architecture, and planning industries, plus support services for those industries
  • Opportunity to work with clients across the nation
  • Opportunity to work with all engineering, architecture, planning, and support groups
  • ms Young Professionals events
  • ms Women’s Group events
  • Knowing your work supports our clients, communities, and environment
  • And much more!


We reached out to some of recent ms interns and co-ops from to hear about their experiences and insights. Here is what they had to say:


What did you find to be the most valuable thing about your time here at ms?


Allison Dillman, Architecture InternI think the most valuable thing about my time at ms was being able to connect with inspiring and kind people in architecture. I found great mentors at ms that have taught me a lot and given me great advice about my future career.


Cole Karam, Architecture InternThe most valuable thing would have to be the people that guided me during my internship. The knowledge needed for the programs and projects can come from anywhere but the lessons you learn from the people on your team is what I think is the most important. Without the people around you and their positivity and willingness to help you grow you don’t gain much.


What made your internship or co-op at ms standout from other internships or co-ops you may have had?


Clayton Honaker, Highway InternMy internship experience at ms stood out in particular in the way it really feels like a family and that everyone is not only willing to help, but wants each other to succeed and find solutions to problems that might not even concern them.


Mackenzie Bennett, Water Resource InternAt ms, I feel like I have had the opportunity to make an impact on real projects. I know that the work I’m doing in Civil 3D, GIS, etc. has a direct impact on the project outcome, and it feels really good to be contributing valuable work.


What was your favorite project you got to work on during your internship or co-op?


Liam Leveto, Right-of-Way InternMy favorite project I’ve gotten to work on for my internship so far has been the ODNR Master Plans for several state parks around the state of Ohio.


Mackenzie Bennett, Water Resource InternI really enjoyed working on the Eureka Fremont project revisions because I had the chance to see and interact with a completed set of design plans. I also had the opportunity to create a few detailed drawings in Civil 3D for the storm water sheets which I really enjoyed! Overall though, I have appreciated the breadth of projects I’ve been able to help with because I now have a better understanding of what water resources engineering entails.


How has your internship or co-op helped with your studies?


Allison Dillman, Architecture InternMy internship greatly supplemented my studies because I got the chance to learn more specific things I had not been taught in school. For example, working on certain client projects allowed me to learn about ADA standards and Revit.


Liam Leveto, Right-of-Way InternThe internship has helped my studies 10-fold, I have developed so many skills in graphic design, GIS, and urban planning, which has helped so much in my school and professional work.


David Lampman, Mechanical InternAs a mechanical engineer, the internship has not only put to use topics I’ve learned, but also has given me an introduction to topics I will be learning in school soon. I’ve greatly increased my CAD skills that were put into motion at Ohio State. Also performing calculations on cooling loads for buildings has given me an introduction to real world examples of thermodynamics which I will be studying in school this fall.


What would you tell someone considering an internship or co-op at ms?


Cole Karam, Architecture Intern I would tell them to 100% go for it! I learned so much this summer about the real-world functions in the field of architecture that I never would have gained from school alone.


Nick Banko, Transportation InternI would tell them to anticipate learning a lot, and be ready to give it their all!


While our Summer Blueprint Co-Op and Intern Program is over for this year, we have internship positions available throughout the year! Click here to see currently available internships and full-time positions.


Contact us with any further interest or questions about our internship or co-op opportunities.


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