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Shadyside Supporters Mapping Out Strategic Plan for Community

ms consultants, inc.

April 14, 2021

The village of Shadyside is drawing on some of its own as leaders look to make future plans as it maps out a strategic direction.


That meeting took place at Jefferson Elementary School gymnasium and involved with some of the major players who are hoping to spark an economic reinvention in town.


Shadyside is gathering its community stakeholders to push the village forward.


"We're going to have representatives from the school district, students in the school, chamber of commerce, Vision of Shadyside,” Shadyside Schools Superintendent John Haswell said. “These are people who have graduated from here who want to come back and take a stake in the community. We have alumni who are going to be here."


Haswell said the idea started after the cracker plant announcement was delayed yet again.


"Of course, you know we've been waiting for the PTT cracker plant, and the fact that it’s been put on hold and the fact that we can’t just wait the rest of our lives to make this a better community.”


An Indiana-based consultant firm was also brought on board.


Dax Norton of MS Consultants said they'll be some tough questions to answer.


"We're here to really get down to the nuts and bolts of what’s Shadyside’s economic reason to exist?


"I think the most important group here today is going to be the high school kids.”


The group Vision of Shadyside was also well represented. It was instrumental in the completion of Tiger Town's new football field.


"At the completion of that project when they had the first game, we walked down and looked to the end of the football field and said you know we have to do a baseball field,” former resident Nancy Marzella said. “So, we're working on that. We're also working on cleaning up Hillview Park. It has gone to weed and there are no trails yet. We are trying to create recreation for the people of Shadyside.”


"Living along the river, living where we do economically, the magic fairy isn’t going to come down and sprinkle fairy dust,” Tony Francis, with Vision of Shadyside, said. “And you can’t depend on our government to come in and revitalize our community you have to take the initiative yourself.”


"Shadyside has always been one of the premiere towns in the Ohio Valley and it has seen better times, so we just feel like we need to revitalize it and give it some direction,” Pat Miller said.


This meeting is the first in a series of future discussions.


Originally published by WTOV 9